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Governors drop anti-grazing plot over subtle threat



*Kogi vows to deal with indigenes,monarch that opposes herdsmen.

*Nassarawa, Cross Rivers scorn Benue Gove for laws.


BENUE-Many serving Governors who before now hailed the grazing laws initiated and signed by the Ekiti and most recently Benue state governors into law and praised it as the unique antidote for peace
seem to have eaten their own words.

Daily Watch investigations days ago confirmed that the trio of Cross
River State Governor, kogi State Governor and that of Nasarawa state
governor have accepted to accept the maiming, killing and looting of
the Fulani herdsmen and even vow to crucify and of their indigenes
that as much as oppose any action of the herdsmen as a way to please
the powers that be in Abuja.

The Kogi and Nasarawa State governors even went as far as castigating
their Benue counterpart who they praised severally when the unique
laws that have brought about total peace in Benue state first came
into existence.

This volt face of the trio  is said to be as result of the subtle
threat the governors were said to have received from the Powers that be in Abuja warning them of dire consequences and lose of 2nd term ticket for the Kogi governor and EFCC attack on any governor that toe the line of the Benue Governor who since the law has been on tremendous pressure to drop the law for which the governor has vowed not to even at the risk of his life as according to him, it is the
only panacea for peace in the Benue state.

The Kogi governor days past out of fear after making plans to
institute same laws invited all traditional rulers in the state and
told the bluntly that the herdsmen must be allowd totall access in the state no matter what as any Monarch that raise a voice against the herdsmen would be dethrone from his exalted position thereby giving the herdsmen total freedom to deal with every indigenes as to
reject, repeal or fight them for whatever reasons would incue the wrath of the Governor who openly told everyone who cares to hear that Kogi state is a state open to all herdsmen and even scolded his Benue counterpart for the law which weeks ago he praised to high heaven as the best law for peace which he then promised to domesticate for Kogi

Just Like Kogi, the Governors of Nassarawa and Cross river state which also has been at the receiving end like Benue of the Herdsmen menace and who before now praised the Benue Governor initiative of creating  unique Law which they planned also promulgating in the respective states seem to have bitten the bug of shamelessness and willingness to  surrounded their people to the herdsmen as both state Governor days ago in an unprincipled summersault from their initial positions bereted the Benue state governor for the anti Grazing law which to them is inimical and has sent thousands of herdsmen to their respective states thereby calling on the Benue governor to abrogate the unique law.

In the three states visited by Daily Watch, the citizens are said to
be confused, shocked and dumfounded why their governors seem to
treasure the herdsmen far above the life and properties of the
farmers and owners of the land knowing the activities of these
herdsmen and even in some case cautioning all traditional rulers not
to oppose the herdsmen in any way or face dethronement.

Daly Watch
investigations confirmed that the anti-grazing laws of
Ekiti and Benue is said to have ruffled the Meyetti Allah Cattle
Breeders Association who were said to have reached out to  certain
power base in the Seat of Power to check every other governor no
matter what from initiating the Anti-grazing Laws which the Mayetti
Allah Breeders see as Against them and this power base had to
indirectly issue the threat button which is said to have created panic
among the three governors’ who were planning to initiate same law but opt for a hundred percent sell out in favor of the herdsmen to the lives and detriment of the people they claimed to be ruling.

Daily Watch reach out to the Kogi Governor team confirmed the
directive by the state Governor to dethrone any traditional ruler that
has Fulani Farmers clash in his domain.

While that of Cross Rivers and Nassarawa refused to comment on the issue as at the time of going to press.


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