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Governor Ortom recants after meeting Oshiomhole



*I have been assured that Akume can not do anything to me in APC.

*Oshiomhole begged me profusely to remain in APC

Governor  Ortom

BENUE- The executive Governor of Benue state seem a confused man at the moment if the words coming out of his mouth today is anything to be based on as the Governor has less than twenty four hours after claiming to have left the APC ate his words and confirm to his ardent followers that he is still with the APC.

Ortom who just days ago confirmed to Nigerians that he had been given a red card in APC and as Such no more with the APC did a three hundred and sixty degree turn around few hours ago after meeting with the chairman of the APC in the Country Chief Adams Oshiomhole.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that ortom recant did not come easy as the APC chairman practically knelt down and put the governor on over two hours discuss with the President before his final acceptance not to part ways with his Party.

According to Sources Privy to the meet,the President had to practically beg Ortom via phone call with the APC Chairman to attain this feat just as the Governor was given a blank assurance that Senator Akume,his ex godfather with whom he had broken affinity with and which contributed to his dumping the APC would not interfere or do anything to hurt his interest in the APC for the recant  to have come alive.

Daily Watch findings also confirmed that,the Benue state governor also got the assurance that the Fulani herdsmen that has been killing in Benue would not only be tracked down but made to face the law for the recanting to have seen te light of the day,

Those in the know though confirmed that the recant /peace deal may hit the rocks just as soon as it has been consummated as Akume is said to not only be angry over statements and assurances said to have been given to Governor Ortom but has vowed to see that Ortom is disgraced out of office even before the 2019 elections a factor that is bound to create another round of problems for the APC and the governor of the state’

Attempts to reach out to the Media spokesman or Ortom following his Political somersaulting or what many has called recanting was not possible as at the time of hitting the air waves.

APC moves to avert mass defection as President,Oshiomhole takes over personal  plea/consultations




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