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Gov. Dickson sets to publish eight years stewardship

Chief Seriake Dickson

By Edighomor Victor, Yenagoa.

Hon. Seriake Dickson,the governor of Bayelsa of Bayelsa State has promised to publish an audited account of his eight years stewardship in line with his administration’s policy of accountability and transparency.


A statement by the Special Adviser, Media Relations, Mr. Fidelis Soriwei, quoted Governor Dickson as having made the comment during a live media chat in Yenagoa, on Monday night.


According to him the shoes he is leaving behind are very big and that posterity will judge him if he fails to lay a solid foundation and guiding principles for his successor come 2020.


He noted that in view of the challenges facing the state, Bayelsa State cannot afford to have what he described as, an establishment errand boy as governor.


Speaking further, he said his successor should be  principled, bold and courageous enough to protect the collective interests of the Ijaw nation at all times.


He also stressed that the next governor should have a clear agenda and God-fearing to serve the people with a sense of humility and compassion.


His words: “the next governor of the Ijaw nation must be courageous, he must be ready to defend the Ijaw nation at all times. He must not be the errand boy of any ethnic group. I will be sad to see the governor of Bayelsa playing just politics, without being able to take  decisive position on issues.


“Only very few of the people who come to talk to me have the interest of the state at heart. There is no free money to give anybody in Bayelsa. Don’t kill for anybody, none has the power to make you a billionaire.


“Our people are oppressed. We have a lot of stories to tell Nigerians. When it comes to speak for the Ijaw nation, I have not been found wanting. I want that tradition to continue. I want my people to be safe.


“More, than any other time, Bayelsa needs a governor with the requisite courage to lead the Ijaw nation. What is at stake is your destiny and survival. Our people are Balkanized into small units from Ondo State to many many other states.


“In the Niger delta, the Ijaw voice must be heard. I hope those buying the forms are aware of the enormity of the responsibilities of being the governor of Bayelsa state.”


Governor Dickson also attributed the peaceful atmosphere in state to the new political culture of tolerance and maturity, his administration had promoted over the last seven and half years.


Dickson who commended the political class for the current peace in the state in spite of the multiplicity of aspirants, expressed the hope that all political parties and candidates would abide by the rules for the greater good of the state.


The Governor stressed that the Peoples Democratic Party had so many governorship aspirants in the state because it remained the only solid and robust platform that could win election in the state.


He described the development as a testament to his democratic style of governance where people are allowed to pursue their political ambitions without any form of interferance.


“In spite of the multiplicity of aspirants, we have a new political culture, there is no incidence of violence. I am happy that the state is growing politically.


“I want to see more engagement, I want to see people talk about their dreams and visions, I want to see more of the issues being addressed.


“The fact that you have 21 or so aspirants gives the clarity that PDP is the only party that can guarantee success; the platform that can connect with our people.It tells a lot about the capacity of the party and the leadership that I have provided to make it attractive.”





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