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Gov Dickson Seriake, others fingered for INC, IYC election instability

Seriake Dickson


By Solomon Ebipade, Yenagoa

A  Niger activist rights activist, Comr. Oluku Saido-eweirikumor Obed has accused Bayelsa state governor, Chief Seriake Dickson and few Ijaw leaders of truncating and creating problems in Ijaw leadership elections for personal selfish reasons.

In a press statement Monday, Oluku said, ‘‘It is so terrible how some gullible youths have allowed themselves to be used on either sides ( INC and IYC ). It is so sad that Ijaw youth and elders could not peacefully conduct their elections. I was mail mouth during IYC election by fellow youths.

‘‘I’v never had any relationship with neither Eric Omare nor Oweilami but some persons who feel they love Ijaw nation more than every other youth ( names withheld)  called me during the time of the duos ( Eric Omare and Oweilami’s ) election and Started issuing me words of threat.

‘‘That became the genesis of IYC’s factional conventions and elections. We all know what it resulted to till date ?

‘‘Now coming to INC, the same governor Dickson who collaborated with some elders to destroy IYC is doing same to INC by wanting to impose his preferred candidate to the entire ijaw nation.

‘‘The so called Dickson IYC ( Oweilami faction ) has kept mute over the imposition syndrome and the abnormalities that is rocking the apex body of Ijaw nation because they can’t fight the same  process that brought them to power.

‘‘Mind you , I’m not against the candidate of Broderick Bozimor who is Dickson anointed candidate but, I’m speaking up as a true son of Ijaw nation to fault the secret process which  brought him ( Broderick ) to be included in the INC presidential race .

‘‘Some even claimed it is the who and who in Ijaw nation that conducted the 2019 INC election, the same sets of people who conducted the IYC Oweilami factional convention/ Election. We are all seeing how Ijaw nation is tearing apart without condemning the selfish act of these elders who are hell bent in destroying the entire Ijaw nation. It is really appalling.’’ He said.





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