Gov Dickson is a pathological liar, says ex-Gov Sylva

Chief Seriake Dickson and Chief Timipre Sylva

By Edighomor Victor, Yenagoa.

Chief Timipre Sylva former Bayelsa state governor and the leader of the APC has said that Bayelsa state executive governor Chief Dickson Seriake is a man of less value who he described as a pathological liar.

Sylva in an interactive session with journalist in the Bayelsa State capital said while debunking the claims by Dickson that the party is amassing arms to cause mayhem in the forth coming elections.

He said he has always been a man of peace,he also said that Dickson is maniacal that whenever he goes about bandying rumors he is already working on such activity,he said Dickson’s CSO who is a police officer and his personal armourer is amassing arms at the government house which they intend to use during the elections, he said they have taken the issue’s of safety of their members in Bayelsa state to the police.


He further stated that the Dickson’s administration is filled with fraud,taking a swipe at the Bayelsa airport whose runway alone has gulped a whopping $100billion.

On the issue of security on the state Chief Sylva said the security of the state is non existence as the level of armed robbery and other such vices is astronomical,which is why Dickson has said the only safe place in the state is government house.


On the issue of the party’s candidates in the forthcoming elections Chief Sylva said APC’s candidates are both popular and credible and that they have better chances at the polls unlike that of the PDP that were all handpicked by Dickson without any input from stakeholders even the former president Goodluck Jonathan choice of candidates in his constituency were not even considered.




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