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Gender Balance in Media: More Women wanted in Technology and Leadership



  • The IFRA & DCX Expos will present a high-calibre and international panel on the subject of “Women in Tech”
  • Female experts in the media industry can submit a presentation proposal for the international platform of the news community

Media makers and newspapers worldwide report about and for a diverse society. However, a good gender balance is not yet a matter of course – neither in storytelling nor in the composition of the workforce. In the accompanying programme, the IFRA and DCX Expos will address the poorer representation of women, especially in the technical departments of news providers.

At The New York Times, they state that “building a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to our mission. It enriches our report, because journalists with diverse backgrounds reflect the society we cover. As noted in our Diversity Report, many of the numbers are moving in the right direction — though not far enough or fast enough. However, there is evidence that our efforts are already paying off.”

In a top-class and international session on the first day of IFRA and DCX on Tuesday, 9 October 2018, from 10 to 11.30 a.m., female media leaders from the technical and digital fields will pick up the thread: Based on a case study by two leaders from The Times, the top female decision-makers will provide insights into their work. They will discuss strategies, benefits and difficulties of driving up the representation of women in the workplace.

Who’s who of the Tech and Digital Scene

The composition of the panel alone shows that women can set the tone in the technical departments of media providers worldwide: Cindy Taibi, CIO of The New York Times, Fiona Campbell, Director of Digital at BBC News, Dheerja Kaur, Head of Product of The Skimm (focused on news for female millennials), Carolyn Wakulchik, Content & SF Manager at Tech Ladies (a job board and community for women in tech), Ariane Bernard, Chief Digital Officer of Le Parisien, and Bailey Evans, Technical Coordinator at The New York Times, will together shape the session.

Proposals for lectures by women wanted

The organiser of the IFRA and DCX Expos is committed to gender equality and would like to attract even more women to the accompanying programme. Women can apply for lectures via a web form up to September 1, 2018. The form will still be available after this deadline and submissions made later will be considered for other relevant events of the World Association of Newspapers and News Media WAN-IFRA.

“As representatives of the global news media industry, we have both, the opportunity and also the responsibility, to do as much as we can to promote greater gender balance,” emphasises Vincent Peyregne, CEO of WAN-IFRA, co-organizer of IFRA and DCX. “We can help influence and drive change by encouraging more women to speak at our conferences and participate in our activities. We would like to invite them to contribute to this effort to bring more gender balance and diversity to the composition of our panels,” says Peyregne.



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