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Gbajabiamilia in battle of his life over alleged past criminal records

Mr. James Gbajabiamilia


*Plots to finally drop him as APC anointed

By Lucky Ojigbo

This doesn’t seem to be a good time for the APC and President Mohammadu Buhari Anointed (if El-Rufai’s word is to be believed)  for the esteemed position of the Speaker of the National Assembly James Gbajabiamila following clear cut evidences that he was involved in criminal activities in the past in the United States of America.

Gbajabiamila who is one of the many Loyalist of Bola Tinubu, the self acclaimed APC leader has been discovered to have soiled his hands in some Criminal Practices in the United States of America before returning to Nigeria and becoming one of the Political sons of Bola Tinubu and this diabolic Past seemed to now becoming one mighty albatross on the road o his becoming the Speaker of the  hose of Representative as many Nigerians are now calling for Caution and wisdom so as not to elect an Convict or Fraudster into the position of the number four Citizen of this Country.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that though the Gbajabiamilia group are putting on a brave face in their denying the whole criminal acts of Gbajabiamilia all available evidences points to the fact that the Man Gbajabiamilia was truly indicted and he confessed to his crime and made refund in the United States Supreme Court thereby making him unfit to even be a member of the National Assembly not to talk of becoming the Speaker of the House of Representative.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that already some top members of the APC are calling for the dropping of the man as the anointed one so as not to portray the APC and President Mohammadu Buhari whose name is been used to sell his candidature as supporters of crime but the APC self acclaimed leader is said to be adamant and insisting that the confirmed thief must be made the Speaker of the house no matter what.

Daily Watch Sources has it that already several supporters of Femi Gbajabiamilia are said to be reconsidering their support and plan to vote him as Speaker following the exposure of his very dirty past coupled with his crafty change of religion from Christianity to Islam within weeks of making his intention to contest for the exalted Position Speaker of the House of Representative.

Will James scale through this whole brouhaha of an unfit man with the overwhelming evidences and all that or would he step down which is most appropriate thing to do in better clime?.

Daily watch was able to reach out to the campaign team of James Gbajabiamilia putting the same question to which the team vehemently rejected and openly vowed to push on for James even if he was a confirmed armed robber and even vow that President Buhari would stick to him no matter the past dirt.





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