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Game over as INEC confuse over Atiku’s expose on server and plot to drag Microsoft as witness

Atiku Abubakar

The nation Electoral Umpire INEC is said to be in serious confusion just like the Villa also is  in confusion following more shocking and pointed expose by the PDP Presidential Candidate Abubakar Atiku on how INEC led by Yakubu Mahmood robbed Atiku of his Presidential mandate.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that Lawyers of INEC and the INEC Chairman are said to be in serious Confusion over recently released facts and figures of the Presidential results and other issues by the Presidential Candidate of the PDP, more Shocking to the APC and INEC is the tactical expose of the Server name, domain and plots to drag world Computer experts to prove that INEC lied when it claimed the Server was not theirs and also that the Elections was not transmitted via Electronic medium when in fact it was the case.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that INEC and the APC legal team are in confusion over Atiku’s exposes and materials in his possession and are of the views that the only way out for the APC is to look for technicality to block the Atiku’s bid as all evidences points to Victory for Atiku in the Tribunal.

To this end the Legal team of INEC and APC are said to be looking at the Petition of Atiku with the sole intent to  getting any technical loop hole which would be used to  block the Petition rather than addressing the case with the intent of stopping and wining  the case through technicality as that is the only way to outwit Atiku since all evidences according to an APC Chieftain who is part of the Legal group points to a solid Victory for Atiku with his overwhelming evidences and indisputable facts and proofs.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the APC leaders and the Cabal met days ago over the Petition which is like a huge bone in the neck of the Cabal and are of the view that a full blown case would be detrimental to Buhari’s Second term as  no judge no matter how sympathetic to the APC would dump the very clear evidences and facts of the Atiku legal team and give victory to Buhari as such the APC legal Team, leaders and Cabal are said to be critically looking for technical angles with which to pressure the judges to give favourable verdict to Buhari using such technical wing as against he Substance of the Case.

The recent flying of diverse stories of Atiku’s Lawyer not been registered to Practice in Nigeria, Atiku’s Nationality, pattern of the Petition filling that the APC are spurning every day are part of their look out for any technical angle to fight the fool proof case from .

Daily watch Attempts to speak with Festus Kayamo one of the most outspoken but very parochial and confused Legal mind on the basic facts of law on which the Atiku’s case is built on and the reported search for technicality by the Buhari’s Legal team in face of the glaring evidences was not possible as he refused picking his calls.






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