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Gaddafi karate foundation sets to train young talents in Delta

Karrate Gold medalist, Ebi Gaddafi, coaching lads in the dojo

By Clarkson Ogo, Sports Editor

The CEO Gaddafi Karate Foundation,Ebitonmor Ebiarede popularly known as Ebi Gaddafi a gold medalist in kickboxing,karate and kunfu is set to launch a karate foundation in loving memory of his late father in Bomadi.

Three years old lad on both legs expansion training popularly called ” Mr. Leg” on the ground being mentored by the coach, a painful training session

He disclosed in a statement sent to Daily Watch sports said ‘‘The sport will not only curb youth restiveness,and other social vices but also serve as self defense to young ones,making them to be bold and brave in the face of difficulties,that it will also serve as a reserve bank to the national pool in times of sporting activity.

He further said how passion,commitment and dedication has brought him this far,and all he could do is to replicate himself in the lives of young ones in the Community and its environs because this is the dream of his  late father.

The Coach on both leg free expansion, popularly called ”Mr. Leg”on the ground

He revealed how plans are on ground to launch the foundation and commence full time training with a well define curriculum that will not interfere with their schooling activities for interested persons and further call on cooperate organizations, government functionaries to see this project as their own project and support it for a better society to strive.

The lad on airstrike kicks training with the foot above the head. It was exactly the age of this lad where the late karate master trained up this coach who took after him

His late father Ebitonmo Gaddafi untill his untimely death was a senior black belt fighter who had won several awards in ‘dojo’





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