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Funny! Gov Okorocha asks Imo youths to go for armed robbery instead of hemp smoking


IMO-The Imo state governor  Rochas Okorocha is either a confused man or a man that could be likened to an unserious  comedian and one filled with absurdities if his recent utterances while addressing Imo youths  is anything to go by.

In the Governor address to some recalcitrant Imo Youths whom the Imo State Governor played host to  the Governor lambasted the Youths on the menace of Drug taking and its cumulative effects on the youths and greatly admonished them to flee from hard drugs which the executive Governor termed as evil and a silent killer.


The Governor wonderful exultation and preaching which was sent as good and  the best for the Imo youths was later destroyed by the same governor who in his characteristic churlish way of speaking bluntly condemn those who smoke weeds as he called it and asked the youths to embrace robbery instead of smoking weeds.

According to the state Governor “Instead of killing and indulging yourself in this evil act of weed taking is it not wiser you go into armed robbery”. Whether it was a slip of tongue or the belief of the governor than weed smoking is of a more dangerous consequences when compared to robbery in the eyes of a Governor is still what many are trying to understand.

Attempts to speak to the Governor Media team on the Governors admonishment to the Imo Youth on the need to embrace armed robbery instead of killing themselves in drug was no possible as at the time of hitting press but the video of the governor giving out this unusual admonishment has almost gone viral.


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