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Funny: Big Brother Naija of ‘sexcapades’, condom becomes  a scarce commodity as housemates go sex crazy

Big brother Naija sex scenes


Steve Seigha

The ongoing Big brother show is truly living to its billing, the Big Brother show which is popular among Nigerians an Africa for its entertainment and brain tasking exercise has not failed to pull out once again the shocking discovery of human inability to overcome their emotions even to the open world.


The new Edition which is sponsored by Nigerian great betting company  and goes by the unique name Pepper them house, has truly seen several hose mates truly dishing out far reaching fun without shame to the shock of Nigerians.

Big brother Naia sex scenes

Unlike previous Editions where ‘sexcapades’ are higly coded and rarely seen ,this edition has become one hell of sex  trail such that Condoms has become a highly scarce commodity on the Big brother house with two House mates Gedoni and Khafi been the culprit as sex becomes a daily ritual for both who have been behaving like highly starved sex men and women with the speed and way they both indulge in sex with high voltage moans to the shock and embarrassment of several Nigerians who are glued to the show.

Beautiful Khafi, who seem to have exhibited an uncontrollable urge for sex with Gedoni with a single care that cameras are all over the house has kept Nigerians greatly shocked as to what manner of Lady Khafi is if inside the open arena she can be theses uncontrollable in her need for sex what then happens when she is in the outside space and not confined to a House like the Big Brother.

Daily Watch monitoring of the shows confirmed that hundreds of condoms are disappearing every other week in the house thereby confirming the ales that several others apart from Gedoni are also in the act of uncontrollable sex.






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