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Fulanization: Is Obasanjo right after all, as FG acquires Radio station for herdsmen?

Obasanjo and Buhari

*Stylishly confirming Obasanjo’s statement on Fulanization of Nigeria.

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

When president Obasanjo spoke of a distinct plot to fulanize and Islamize Nigeria the Federal government through the Minister of information almost had the Ex president ‘lynched’ rather than addressed the issues and points raised by the ex president

Within days of Obasanjo expose the same Federal Government through the minister for Education Adamu Adamu has announced the acquisition of a new Radio station specifically for herdsmen in a multi ethnic country with the aim of disseminating information to the herdsmen and help stop farmers/herders ‘war’ according to the Minister.

Daily Watch findings around the Country confirmed that the idea of a Radio Station by the Federal Government for the same herdsmen whose genocidal acts all over the Country has not abetted and for the same group to which the Federal government is accused of supporting in almost all issues it therefore points to the confirmation of the fears of Obasanjo.

Daily Watch Spoke to Maxwell Udoh, the Leader of the  New Bakassi Strike Force who was vehement in his opposition of a Federal Radio Station for the Fulanis and asked why the same Federal Government not setting up Radio Stations for the other 250 tribes in Nigeria other than the Fulanis or if the Fulanis are so special to get a Federal Radio Station after they have  systematically also created an Educational MDA for the same headers several years ago in name of Nomadic Education.

In the Words of Udoh leader of the NBSF “This Man Buhari thinks we all Nigerians are daft or stupid to have come up with a Federal Radio Station for the same group killing Nigerians and trying to Islamize the Country. Why don’t the same Federal Radio stations not be crafted and created for other Ethnic Groups in the Country? Or Most Nigerian uses their hard earned resources to create a Radio station, Nomadic Education, Ranches for the same headers? Do this people think we Nigerians are idiots?”

Also speaking on the same breath is the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum who described the move as highly suspicious and shocking. In a statement signed by Yinka Odumakin (South West) Senator Bassey Henshaw  (South South),Dr.Isuwa Dogo (Middle Belt) and Chigozie Ogbu (South East)  “It smacks of hypocrisy and solid  deception for a government that has in the past four years denied responsibility on behalf of the Fulani herdsmen for crimes they even owned up to, to now tell us it wants to set up a radio station for them to address the same issue”.

Speaking in similar light is a social critic Raphael Igwe who also described the Federal Government moves as confirming Obasanjo timely warning to Nigerians, according to Igwe “Why most the resources of the Niger Delta People be used to create Radio Stations for herders, this is truly a confirmation of some kind of agenda which started long ago with the sitting up of Nomadic Education, ranches plot all over Nigeria and now a radio station for a particular evil people in the name of herdsmen. Obasanjo is indeed very right in is timely warning if this is to be critically analyzed. These people really take Nigerians for fools”.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the said radio station to be run and financed by the Federal Government would be totally broadcast in Fulani Language and on 720 KHZ according to the Nigeria Education Minister a highly controversial Fulani Minister himself.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the Minister if the same stations would be established for the Niger Delta Militants and IPOB, OPC and others to decimate information in their respective languages like that for the herders was not possible as at press time.





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