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‘Fulanization’ agenda: RUGA camps, conditions given by Miyetti Allah to FG

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram sects


*As President plans to fast track ‘Fulanization’ agenda

By Ahmed Ahmadu

The reported story and accusation of Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo of an Islamic/Fulanization plot by the Buhari’s administration seemed to be a fact after all despite mass hoopla and insults poured on Obasanjo for stating the obvious.

Daily Watch investigations through its Sources I the Villa confirmed that the recent announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture of a pilot scheme for some so called Ruga settlements for Fulanis herdsmen in the thirty six states of the Federation is a blunt but almost final stage of the plots by the Buhari administration to set up the last game post for the Fulanization agenda using the power of the Presidency.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the Ruga settlement plans like the Fulani Radio and the multi billion Naira Compensation

to the killer herdsmen are all part of the agreements reached long ago among special team of Fulani Academia on the best way to finally control indirectly the country and finally and firmly acceded to by the Federal Government using the last meet of the Federal Government and the leadership of Mayiti Allah with several other Fulani group from whence the small story of a 100 billion Naira compensation came out to which the federal government stoutly denied but which in all views were actual pat o the discuss in the meet that has only Northern leaders of Fulani extractions as the Federal Government delegation.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the statement on Federal Fulani Radio, RUGA land scheme which is totally contrary to the constitution and laws of Nigeria, the multi Billion Naira settlement scheme, Empowering of mainly Fulanis in special Position of Authority and exempting Fulanis of any corruption trial except when in the opposition were part of the agreements at the secret meetings which are in piece meal been quickly been implemented right in the face of Nigerians with several top APC leaders of Southern Extractions foolishly behaving as if nothing is amiss as all their foolish attention is on 2023 Presidency that has blinded them out of the larger Picture unfolding all over the country.

The RUGA scheme which would see the Fulanis becoming land owners and finally indigenes in the years ahead of all thirty six states of Nigeria with Fulanis from other West African Country coming in to stay would in the long run see them having their traditional rulers in those so called RUGA, have their system and legal way of handling issues and finally and expansionist policy and fight for inclusion in the state traditional council to help negotiate peace in several clashes that would erupt between the Fulanis in the so Called Ruga and the real Indigenes just as the battles that Nigerians are witnessing in the North Central but this time it would be in almost all the regions with support from Fulanis from several West African Country who are itching to become Nigerians by virtue of the new settlement scheme.

Daily watch Sources Confirmed that most state governors are silent over the statement by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture over a secret but strange plots by the Federal Government to establish what it terms RUGA settlement in all states starting with the Pilot schemes in twelve state to stall clashes between herdsmen but which is a solid detour for the Fulani agenda spearheaded by the present administration.

While only Benue, Taraba and Imo governors have openly come out to state their total opposition to any part of their Land for any RUGA settlement for Fulanis others have remained mute to the idea which is against all constitutional provision of the country like the Land Use acts.

Daily Watch Sources in the Villa Confirmed that the Fulani agenda is to set up the RUGA Scheme within the first two years of Buhari’s 2nd term  which like the grazing routes of old are now  termed as reasons for clashes since the routes have now been seen as Fulanis land as against that of the states just as the RUGA settlement would become when operational, a new land for Fulanis with full citizenship making the so called Fulanis indigenes of all states with land ownership to the bargain.

Daily watch Sources has it that all states would be forced, coerced to accept the scheme which would be classified as the only solution to Fulanis Farmers clashes as against ranches which is the simple antidote.

Attempts by Daily watch to find out from the Ministry of Agric and the Permanent Secretary  a Fulani himself on why the Ministry be fighting and announcing a sensitive policy not approved by the Federal Executive Council or to Which other segments of Nigeria has no inputs was not possible as the permanent secretary have become evasive after the announcement.




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