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Fulanis now occupy over 45 communities captured at gun point in Plateau state



*As gov vows to reclaim such areas back to the Beroms the original owners

*Inhabitants now claim indigenship, have traditional rulers in seized communities as real owners scattered all over State.

Strange but certainly a fact  it is that over 45 communities belonging to the Beroms in Plateau state are under the custody of the Fulanis who have not just taken over the Communities as herdsmen  kill,maim,burn and send the original Berom owners and inhabitants out but are now residing and claiming ownership of all 45 communities.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that before the attack recently that left over 200 person dead the Fulanis were in possession of just 43 communities but added two more with the recent massacre of a whopping 200 or more Beroms indegenes  to make the areas of their occupation to be 45 with the original owners of such communities now scattered as refugees and IDPs all over Plateau state and the Military,Police and Federal Government totally  aware of this occupation  force with all of them  doing nothing to remedy the situation by arresting and prosecuting the occupying team for murder and genocide.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the Plateau state government made allusion to this fact when the Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo visited the state in a Condolence visit when he openly voiced the fact that several communities are occupied by strangers and that the state would do everything humanly possible to return such communities to the original Owners .

This views was Also given credence to by the Chairman of the Mayiti Alah group in Plateau Mohammed Nuru who recently in an interview confirmed that many land inhabited by Fulanis belong to the Beroms but insisted that not all belong to them as the Fulanis owned some in Plateau since they too are indigenes of Plateau.

Daily Watch also confirmed that most of these 45 communities now have new names given to the communities  by the occupiers who also have new traditional rulers known as Serikis in this seized territories.

Also Confirming that  this land occupation by the Fulanis is reasons for the  systematic attack , to instil fear,kill and occupy Berom land  for the past Ten years running is the Member of the House of representative representing Bakin Ladin,Riyom constituency in the House of representative Istifanus Gyang who also recently confirmed Daily Watch investigation to the fact that the Fulanis  only aim of killings in Plateau is for land grabbing and occupation and nothing like farmers/herders clash as reportedly said by the President..

According to him “the Fulani herdsmen killings is merely a game,a game to seize and occupy more lands of the Berom people as they have been doing for over ten years now and has so far taken over and inhabiting 45 communities belonging to the Berom in plateau which they forcefully kill,maim  the inhabitants and  occupied for their  Cattle Colony as what they are doing is ethnic cleansing’’

Attempts to reach ut to the state Government on when the reclamation of the 45 Communities presently inhabited by these Fulanis Marauders and  Genocidal killers  would commence was not possible as at the time of going to Press.




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