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Fulani/Numan war tears Governor Jubrila administration apart



*SSG likens Fulani Weapon carrying to Police using guns/
Bullion van to protect cash.

* SSG Aides/thugs attack Gov aide with Machete


ADAMAWA-The War between the Fulanis and the Nu
mans in Adamawa state seem far
from over despite the Gov instituting of a judicial panel of inquiry
as they is already a divide in the state Cabinet between the two warring  camps.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the hatred seem to have
pervaded all aspect of governance and life in the state as well as the
administration in Adamawa state with the Media Aide to the Governor(A
Numan) escaping Death days ago in the hands of the aides and thugs of
the secretary to the State Government  Dr.Umar  Bindic.

The fall to this disgraceful attack on the Media Aide to the Governor
by thugs and aides of the state SSG led by one Dogo said to be a
Fulani is said to be as a result of the spillover of the Numan /Fulani
clash in the state for which the SSG was said to have openly endorsed
the Fulanis moving with sophisticated weapons all over the Country as
a way of protecting themselves and their Cattles just the same way
Police men moves with Guns/Bullion van and arms to protect their cash.

The statement of the SSG which did not go down well with the Media
Aide to the Governor Mr.Macauley Hunohashi, A Numan was rightly
described by the Media aide as a support to the Fulanis.

This description of the Media Aide to the effect that the SSG
Statement was a tacit support to the herdsmen was said to have angered
the SGG whose aides were said to have attacked the Media Aide Merculay
for daring to answer the SSG and the thugs and aides of the SSG were
said to have  descended terribly on the Governor aide and later rushed
to the car and came out with diverse weapons with the intent of
killing the Governors media aide at the premises of the Admiral
Murtala Nyako Centre in the State Secretariat Complex in the presence
of several persons until they were stopped by police men and other
security officers at the premises.

The altercations and machete attack which is a symptomatic of the
division in the Government of Muhammed Jubrila seem to  have pervaded
the state Cabinet and even the state as a whole with every individual
towing his different allegiance thereby increasing the crisis in the
state rather than helping to ameliorate it.

Daily Watch investigations in the state confirmed that the Fulani
leaders in the cabinet are backing their kiths and kin in the war
while also the Numans are doing same and this is saidto be negatively
affecting not just only Governance in the State but accentuating the
already bad situation in the state with many now aving doubt in the
Commision of Enquiry which is already seen as going to be influenced
by one of the feuding groups in the bargain as they have people in
very sensitive position with one openly supporting the Herdsmen and
likened their weapon carrying to the Police .

Daily Watch spoke with the SSG who didn’t refutes his assertion that
Fulanis are armed to protect their cattle just as the Police to
protect cash but dissociated himself from the Attack by one of his
aides Dogo on the person of the Media aide to the governor and likened
the attack to be that between his aide and that of the governor but
the media Aide to the Governor Marculey Hunohashi described his attack
as wicked and a plot to kill him for telling the SSG the truth  based
on his statement and wicked support for evil by supporting the arms
carrying herdsmen and likening them to the Police a thing that is  the
genesis of all the crisis in the country .


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