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Fulani Vigilante: Yoruba groups blame Akeredolu

Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu

By Ayodele Oni, Editor

Some Pan Yoruba groups have berated the Governor of Ondo State, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu for tactically given support to armed Fulani Vigilante groups in the state.

The groups described attempts by Governor Akeredolu to deny the reports as a ‘tissue of lies to cover up a horrendous anti-humanity policy.’


In a joint statement made available to the media, 23 Pan Yoruba groups described the action of Akeredolu as a ‘monumental disgrace’ to the culture of the heritage and tradition of the people he was elected to serve.


The groups said if Akeredolu fails to disband the groups immediately, Yoruba groups from across the Yoruba territories will move to Ondo State to physically confront the Fulani Vigilante.


“This is not a threat but an historical responsibility to defend every inch of Yorubaland from armed killers who already have their hands dug inside the mouth and intestine of patience Yoruba people.


“We have endured traitors for too long, but there should be a limit, for it is better to die than to live in slavery,” Chief Hakeem Salau Akinremi and Col Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd) signed the statement on behalf of the 23 groups.


Other groups that signed the statement were O’odua Peoples Congress, (OPC), Network of O’odua Alliance, (NENA), O’odua Revolutionary Congress, (ORC),  Agbekoya, O’odua Students Revolutionary Council, (OSRC),  Yoruba Radical Alliance, (YORA), Apapo O’odua Koya (AOKOYA), O’odua Progressives Congress, (OPOC), Okun Revolutionary Movement, (ORM) among many others.


According to the groups, Akeredolu’s action amount to selling off the Yoruba nation for  his future political ambition adding that his action suggests that he came to power at the prompting of his Fulani masters which appear to explain his contempt for his own people.


They called on the Governor to reverse the order adding that if Akereolu fails to do so, the groups would mobilize against his administration.


“Land is our mother, land is our spirituality, land is our livelihood. When you take over our land, you have killed us. When you ask armed Fulani militia to take over our land, you have sent us on a suicide mission.


“The action is at variance with the revolutionary tradition of our people in Ondo State who have a long history of resistance against draconian and self-serving policies.”


The groups said “President Mohammadu Buhari asked Nigerians to hand over their weapons. How did the Fulani Vigilante in Ondo State get their weapons?

“They even have the courage to man highways in Yorubaland. There cannot be any declaration of war on Yorubaland beyond the action of these armed groups.




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