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Fulani herdsmen return to their Killing field, as Agatu community is hit again

File photo: Armed herdsmen

  *So far twenty persons dead with houses others Burnt

By Lucky Ojigbo

The menace of herders that went down prior to the 2019 election following what many then confessed to be a peace initiative or a ceasefire by the Genocidal herders until after Election seemed to have picked again as suspected after the elections with the killing and burning of several houses in Agatu Local government Area of Benue state at a time the RUGA controversy Is still raging on.

Daily Watch team in Benue confirmed that the Fulani killer Squad in the numbers  hit Okokolo Community in Agatu Local Government Area in their adventurous thirsts for Land to expand their hold on the middle belt state killing over twenty with several others still missing and Several houses and farms burnt in the carnage launched by the Genocidal herders.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to the State Police Commissioner and the Aide to governor Ortom on media but was not success but the Care taker Chairman of Agatu Local Government Area  Usman Alilu Confirmed the attack by the Marauding herdsmen on the Okokolo Community in Agatu and also confirmed that soldiers have been drafted to the locality as usual to chase the herders after the act has been carried out with not one arrest made.




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