Fulani herdsmen are on a well sponsored plot to take over Benue lands-Chief Abu King Shuluwa



    *They are after Conquering Benue targeting the South

      *They took us by Surprise but soon we will be ready for them.

     *Not a single portio of our Land would be left in their hands.

BENUE- One of the vocal and first class traditional ruler in Benue State Chif Abu King Shaluwa has come out bluntly to state what man Benue leaders are afraid to say in Public but consistently voiced out in the confines of their inner circle.

The first class chief who did not mince words while speaking with Daily Watch in Makurdi describe the killings in Benue as sponsored and not as a result of the anti-grazing laws been peddled by members of the Buhari security chiefs in Abuja and around the Country.

The King who confirmed that the killings started long before the anti-grazing laws described it all well-crafted, planned and executed plot to seize the highly fertile and vegetative land of the Tivs and the Indomas in Benue state and the middle Belt region but ow that not a single portion of the Tiv or Idoma land would be left in the hands of the so calle Fulani herdsmen whose only mission in their attack is to take over our land.

In the words of the first class traditional ruler ‘’These killers are not ordinary herdsmen we use to know that come in dry season and approach the community herds for frazing permissions and leave once the planting seasons come but this are well trained and sponsired killers with the simple intent of taking over our land in Benue and from there move south wards and not the many lies been churned out from Abuja.fulanis have not a single boundry or land in Benue state and nothing would make us allow them to as we shall soon be ready for then having taken us unaware with these attacks and killings”.

Acording to the acidic Chief, every Land in Benue state belong to a family and  we shall not allow them take any portion of our land.theses killers and so called herdsmen are sponsored. Forget all the lies and stories as their main target is simply to take the Tivs and Idomas’ land”.

‘”Whtever is done these killings and fighting would continue but one thing is clear we would not forany reason let any portion of our land to be taken by them.we definitely would soon be ready for them,their whole plot is to conquer Benue and then move on  down the South’’.

The Very Vocal chief  butressde his point with the boast of the leaders of theses killers who till date claimed responsibilities for the several attacks but are still parading the nation as free people inspite of their open confirmation of their involvements.





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