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 Frightening: So a man like DIG Anthony Michael Ogbizi may one day becomes IG?

DIG Anthony Michael Ogbizi

*How he walks and dines naked with the devil in Kano for a pot of porridge.

Nigeria is indeed in problem if e Caliber of men now parading the helm of affairs in the top echelon of the Police is anything to measure and evaluate the Police and its integrity.

The Kano state Re re-run or what is popularly called supplementary Elections by the Mahmood Yakubu led INEC may have ended and winners announced by the time you may be reading this but the fact remains that Nigeria is indeed in a serious state if men like DIG Michael are those who peopled the Present police force.

Here stand a so called DIG  Michael Ogbizi who got drafted over night by the force to take over the elections from the heroic Wakili ( despite several denial of such plots by the Presidency and the Police high command prior to the Supplementary elections) who in the first phase of the election so discharge his duty effectively that almost all Nigerians were in one voice in praise of him and the Nigerian police but the drafting of DIG Michael in the supplementary seemed to have cast doubt about the kind of Police force operational in Nigeria, a police Force where a DIG can lie perfectly and shamelessly from both sides of his month with extreme glaring evidences to the Contrary.

Daily watch was at the Kano state Governorship election like diverse others from NTA,AIT,BBC where thugs and APC leaders turned the Supplementary elections into War in spite of the Presence of several so called DIG’s and AIG who looked the other way and even backed the thugs to not only chased away the real voters but maim, brutalized and  some cases almost killed several Newsmen covering the election only for the so called Police DIG to come on air to openly state that the same elections was actually  free and fair, peaceful and devoid of any ranchos or thuggery contrary to the unassailable and overwhelming evidences to the contrary.

The elections which the world and even BBC reporters took cover and ran for their dear lives was so shockingly described by no other than DIG Michael who also disputed the arrest of the Commissioner of  Special Duties in Kano with several thugs and vehicle stuffed with ballot papers after ordering the immediate release of the same commissioner who was in the thick of the sending away of legible voters and stuffing of ballots even in  Yelwa Secondary School in Dala Local Government area where he was arrested by police Officers on Patrol which shockingly the so called DIG has totally denied in the full light of cameras.

According to DIG Michael “The Kano state elections was practically free and fair, we did not witness any incident in Kano except for some minor and very isolated incidences which were quickly addressed. Voting went on perfectly in all the polling units, the process of collating the results are on, some have now moved to the collation centers and they have not been any protest”.

DIG Michael A. Ogbizi also shamelessly and practically denied that the     Kano Commissioner   for special duty Muktar Yakassai was arrested Yelwa Secondary School Dala LGA something that was so clear and open to the whole world before he the DIG ordered the commissioner’s release immediately.

What all this points to is that DIG Michael was purposely sent down to Kano state for the purpose of the Supplementary  Election and to execute a hatchet job for Ganduje and the APC in the state or how else would one described his several lies and defenses of the evil that the elections in Kano was.

This act of Anthony Michael Ogbizi when jestapoised with the heroic work of Wakili seemed to create a new fear in the minds of several Nigerians of those who are to head the Nigerian Police in the near future if a man of the status of a DIG can blatantly lied the way DIG Ogbizi did over the Kano polls.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with the arrested but released Kano state Commissioner on the lies of DIG Michael was not possible as at e time of going to Press.




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