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Fresh PDP rises from slumber as new trench of cash hits members



           *As group receives fresh two billion Naira from secret promoters in the Villa

          *shockingly sets up interim NWC over night



ABUJA-Nigerians work up with another jolt following the news that the so called Fresh PDP which several weeks ago claimed it has collapse tits structure into the PDP is back on the fold.

Daily watch investigations in Abuja yesterday confirmed that the resurgence of the so called Fresh PDP after weeks of claiming to have collapsed its structure to the main stream PDP is as a result of the  release of the promised second batch of cash by the secret sponsors of the so called fresh PDP just days ago.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the almost moribund group came to life again as soon as the cash of 2 billion naira was said to have been received as the second trench of cash for the operational running of the so called splinter PDP.

The Cash flow which is said to have come from the Cabal  in the Presidency via a Northern Governor who is in the thick of a new restructure mantra for the APC is said to have jolted the figures in charge of the Fresh PDP prompting an immediate constitution of an Interim National Working Committee   to take charge of its affairs as they also announced plans to gp on membership drive Nationwide in the days ahead and through the electronic process.

The Interim National Chairman of the so called Fresh PDP Engineer Obi Nwosu Emmanuel disclosed this electronic methodology and the Interim NWC on Tuesday in Abuja.

According to him, the Fresh PDP would organize an elective National convention at the end of the first phase of its membership drive.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the new vigor of the group had to do with the shocking cash flow said to be in the tune of over 2 billion pending the disbursement of the third flow which the sponsors promised the group once they are able to make what the sponsors called serious and credible impact to make the PDP uncomfortable or head for courts.

Daily Watch confirmed that already two members of the Fresh PDP have just acquired landed properties in Abuja as a result of the inflow of the 2 billion naira in to the hands of the key promoters who are said to be making it big in the new game of setting and carrying out a splinter PDP from nothing.

Attempts to reach out to the Interim National Chairman Emmanuel Obi Nwosu on the sponsorship story and the payment of a new cash trench that galvanized the new NWC inauguration less than two weeks after the story was collapsing to the PDP was not  possible as several Text messages to hid lines where not responded to.



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