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Free sex Center: Enerhen junction, Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah in Warri

File photo: Sex hookers dancing at a sex depot

By Paul Omoregbe, Warri

Several students, Christians and scholars of the Bible will remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah which was an epitome of atrocities, immoralities and absolute abominations in God’s sight that stimulated and sparked the anger of God and eventual destruction of the great cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the time of old.

Today, a semblance of what occurred in that Biblical time that cursed the destruction of the twin towns of Sodom and Gomorrah seemed to be picking up in the City of Warri, Enerhen Junction in particular, a place where many would trade their lives for as the new locale of the old Sodom ad Gomorrah because of the multi dimensional atrocities, immoralities, crime and drug trade that has turned the once lovely, palatial and glorious  city of Warri into one huge concave of disdain, shame and a deep abomination unto God.


Daily watch foray to Enerhen junction was a wild expose to the moral decay that has taken over the once great city of Warri as the junction starting from 7 pm depicts a locale that has been totally swallowed under the deluge of immorality and societal scum, as sex trade/sale stand out as the most common commodity followed by drugs from the auspicious hours of 7pm to the dead hours of 2am down when all normal and sane human are supposed to be in their beds.

Daily Watch one night visit to the Enerhen junction was an exposure of monumental rot and moral decay that some ladies  of diverse sizes, tribes, colors, height, educational background, marital status  and shapes have fallen into  as everything goes for a fee that is as shocking to the ears and  to the views of the eyes.

Daily Watch investigations discovered that activities in this notorious pit of hell starts taking shape from around 7pm when owners of diverse drinking joints and drug outlets commences the blaring of music of diverse type and brands in a disorganized manner as if announcing the beginning of madness,  with ladies well dressed in several beautiful attires only in seconds later to transform to a near nude apparels in minutes after hitting Enerhen Junction  from different axles and towns bordering Warri in what can be described as an evil transformation from the world of innocence and reality to that of sordid immoral numbness.

Daily Watch investigations confirms that most of these ladies trading in human flesh come from as far as Sapele, Ughelli, Oghara etc and as near as Udu Communities like Urugworun, Ejvewu, , Aladja, Ovwian and several others too many to mention, where they all converge in Enerhen junction, the centers of sex trade and drug abuse for the night’s business.

Daily Watch investigations confirm that business in this pit of hell commences almost as the ladies arrive with men rushing like bees to pick the ladies present for quick sex in diverse corners in the vicinity or special sex outlets and rooms that collects as little as two hundred from would be men customers to have a brief time with their choice daughter of eve after negotiated payments between three hundred Naira to seven hundred Naira depending on your negotiating ability ,must have been reached and settled with the ladies of easy virtue.

Daily watch investigations also confirm and seriously too, a power drug cartel in the junction that trades on all kinds of drugs from mere Tramadol, Indian hemp ,the Popular root called Monkey tail (a combination of alcohol and Indian hemp ) etc to the much deadlier stuffs such as SK, Heroin, Cocaine etc under the watchful eyes of diverse law enforcement agents like the Nigerian Police, Delta State Vigilante, Delta State Anti Cult who are also enjoying one way or the other the diverse ‘enjoyments’ the locale provides from 7 pm till 5am the next day.

Daily Watch findings also confirms that the sale of sex in the Locale also comes with numerous businesses from food vendors, Mallams and their noodles, Suya (roasted Meat) etc to ladies selling of hot drinks, roasted pork, take away foods of different types, kinds ,dimension and cost, roasted fish which also goes side by side with the flourishing sex trade that is notoriously available at very shockingly cheap rate with ladies of diverse age blowing cigarettes, drugs and chewing gums to sign their presence.

The locale has ladies as low as twelve years without breast in their chest but yet in the sex trade that also has some running into fifteen down to twenty-two ,twenty six, thirty and above and others in their forties, fifties with some married women also dashing in and out to get some few  and quick Naira before  running home to cage the notice of their husbands.

Daily Watch spoke to one of the under aged minor and some of her friends numbering eight who are conspicuously conspicuous by their dancing and zealous attitude in practicing their immoral trade and she wasted no time in telling yours truly the many stuff she can pull so far the pay is right.

Reporter; Hello pretty, really love your slim sexy figure but afraid people might think am carrying  a baby, a minor.

Helen; Oga, no be face o,he no get wetin you want for this sex business wey I nor fit give you o, infact na we, the smally na our own  tight than all those wey men don destroy their own over the years o with bad f,,,k and children don pass through o. pay and try me, if you nor go run come back tomorrow, besides who want to ask you question for here about who you carry, though I and my friends here are 12yrs  na we be hot  cake for matured men like you wey want tight and sweet t.t..

Reporter: But you fit do styles, anal sex or threesome with my friendat this age?

Helen: Like I tell you, na money dey control things. that one you dey talk na till day break parade o, so your price go hit three to four k o since you want anal join for me alone but if na with another my friend u go pay her own different o. but if you want me  to service you and your friend  for threesome then five k go do the magic.

Reporter:  It’s okay by me but want to know, how come you leave home come dey here ?would your parents not look for you or get to know you working here?

Helen: I beg change gist make business flow? who tell you say I dey with my dad? na my mum I dey stay with o, na this parade  I dey take also help her Ministry since my dad dump us follow another lady. abeg talk business, make we go for the night? buy me cigar na/?

This was a situation report of conversation one  of the over twenty under aged runs girls (the names they call themselves) that ply the night life that has transform negatively our children and daughters to dogs inside  the  once quite Enerhen junction, the centre point of Warri which many  with morals and principles are quick to call Sodom and Gomorrah of the 21st Century while to the initiates of the locale where joints/bars like Achievers, Durum and Dream Point are ever ready and willing to do business with drinks, drugs and sex ,it is called the Pleasure land. Why not take trip or a look at the popular Enerhen junction   between the odd hours of 7pm to  5 am in the morning   and post me  the name you, like many, would choose to call it. Sodom and Gomorrah or Pleasure Land?


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