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Fill your gap with the word of God, Cleric tells Christians


 Senior pastor John Enaibre



AGBARHOR- The founder and general overseer of the Kingdom Proof Prayer Assembly, (KIPPA) Senior pastor John Enaibre has tasked Christians in the country to prevent the Satan not to use the gap between them and God to torment their lives.

Pastor Enaibre disclosed this during today’s Sunday sermon at the Church’s auditorium at Agbarho town in Ughelli North LGA, Delta State, in a theme ‘‘Help from above’’ quoting the Bible Joshua 10; 1-11.  His words ‘‘between men and God, there is space, the space is just a gap. That gap can be filled with the word of God.

‘‘We do not see God, but we can see God through prayers and hearing his words. This makes us to understand that hearing the word of God, our faith is built. When we hear the word of God, we can defeat the devil. When Daniel was in the battle, he filled the space with the word of God.’’ He said.

The general overseer noted that ‘‘ A house with the word of God experiences peace always. Even, if there are quarrels or malice, they used the word of God to overcome the challenges and the quarrel does not last long’’

He further told his congregation that the devil operates in the lives of Christians who create the gap between them and God, ‘‘The devil operates in the gap. It is the word of God that renews your life. It is the word of God that brings you close to God.  It is the gap you create that the enemy is taking advantage and deals with you. Draw closer to God to fill the gap between you and God’’ he admonishes Christians.

He also admonished members that ‘‘No matter the enemy puts you. always remember that there is a help from above which no man can give you, except God. That helps does not come by your strength, power, certificates and connections. When you ascribe the glory to yourself, you come down. But when you ascribe the glory to God, you go up. Appreciate God in any condition you find yourself’’ he counselled the congregation.


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