FG sets to frame Senator Jang over Plateau massacre by herdsmen


Jonh Jang

*DSS sourcing for ‘Confessional stooge’ to carry out plots.

*As Miyiti Leaders changes tune the same time as the Federal Government about Politicians Sponsoring Plateau Killings.

*Many Nigerians set for arrest over killings while the Killer herdsmen,(MACBAN leaders) keeps giving threats.

One of the Senators and ex-Governor of plateau state Jonh Jang is set to be picked by the Dss any day from today except there is a change of plans by the DSS top hierarchy in the coming days over the killings in the Plateau which several Miyitti Alah Leaders have indirectly confirmed their involvement.

Daily watch investigations from our Sources in the DSS confirmed that the only delay I the arrest of the Senator Representing Plateau North in the National Assembly is the Confessional Stooge been sourced by the DSS to name Jang as one of those who Sponsors them on Political and other nefarious activities in Plateau state.

Daily Watch findings  confirmed that as a prelude to Jang’s arrest the Miyyiti Allah leadership in Plateau and other Middle belt states have stated flying a kite about corrupt Politicians sponsoring the killings as against their initial grand standing and serial threat of no peace for all who refuses to allow Fulanis land for Ranching,the Change of Songs is to create in the mind of Nigerians that several Politicians are involved in the Killings all over the Country as against the statements by Several leaders of the Miyitii Allah leaders on Channels  Television and newspapers nation wide threatening fire and brimstone if their rights are not  taken care of and to make peace Elusive for any that opposes land for Ranching.

The Federal Government has also gone on air to announced that the Killers are sponsored by Corrupt Politicians as against   the ea-liar claims by the President that it was the killing of some herdsmen and rustling of 300 Cows that culminated in the 200 killed in Plateau,the change of statement which had been a funny trait of the Buhari’s administration is simply to create an atmosphere or lee way to rope in several  perceived or real opposition Politicians all in the name of getting the Sponsors of the Killers in Plateau.

Already, several teams of DSS officers are said to have been mandated to create evidences to link the planed arrest of Senator Jonah Jang and some others in Plateau state in the coming days except for a change in plan.

Daily Watch reached out to the Senator who too confirmed the plot which is been crafted and already been peddled by agents of government in Abuja to water the ground before the arrest ,that Jonah Jang a Berom is the one sponsoring herdsmen to kill his own people which according to him is the highest absurdity of the century if truly analyzed by any well think human



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