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 FG plots against ex -Jonathan’s aide Omokri with term  ‘Neutralize’ in security meeting

Pastor Reno Omokri

*As Federal Govt; pays Millions to diverse PR group to run him down both locally and internationally

By Kayode Alfred

A massive and well co-ordinate plot both locally and internationally has been perfected by the Federal Government of Nigeria to finally silence one of the most frank and potent critics of the Buhari administration and ex Aide of President Good luck Jonathan Pastor Reno Omokri.

Daily Watch Sources in the Security network of the administration confirmed that the Presidency and the cabal are said to be disturbed over the consistent utterances, none stop criticism and attack of basically three Nigerians namely Ex- President Olusegun Obasanjo, Retired General Theophilous Danjuma and Reno Omokri on the Present administration which is said to be given them  serious headache and image problem both locally and internationally.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that apart from the cases of Obasanjo and Danjuma who are Retired Military officer and as such having their cases handled specially that of Omokri has become expedient to be taken care of and this was said to be the crux of the Buhari’s Security special team popularly Called MAXIM X and headed by a recently disengaged DSS Boss few weeks ago in Abuja and just days ago gain.

Daily Watch Security Sources confirmed that Reno who lives in self Exile abroad would have been perfectly dealt with if he were to be in Nigeria but the foreign aspect of his residence is actually giving the government the goose pimples on how to effectively ‘neutralize’ him.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the administration has budgeted a whooping half a million Naira to end what it called the menace of Reno Omokri who in Nigeria top Security Circle is classified as a Morbid Enemy of the Government.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that several Months back some Millions was paid by the Federal Government in name of public Relation job to some Foreign  and local Companies but which was in fact blackmail money to help source for dirty stains and frame ups to destroy and effectively tarnish the unblemished name of the critic and this was one of the series of uproar that engulfed the county several weeks back over funds meant for Christian Girl in Boko Haram  Captivity Leah Shaibu which spoke about Omokri using the name of Leah to sell books, source for donor fund and embezzling same  but which didn’t cut the plotted ice because Omokri was meticulous with his Financial dealings as regards Leah’s deal as such was able to counter the evil ad negative Propaganda sponsored by the agents of the Federal Government with facts and figures thereby killing that aspect of propaganda to destroy Reno Omokri.

Daily etch finding had it that this time the plot is to ‘neutralize’ Omokri using special paid foreign agents to carry out the neutralizing game plot which would see an end o any criticism as vocal as that of Omokri which is said to be serious troubling the Nigerian government as much as its Cabal in the seat of Power headed by the President Cousin Mamman Duara who is said to have vowed to crush and deal with Reno Omokri for his robust  and far reaching criticism and expose of the Buhari’s Administration.

While Daily Watch could not say with exactitude what the neutralize meant to those perfecting the strike in Security circle meant it can be confirmed that a serious and very highly negative plots both locally and internationally on which several millions has already been expanded by the Federal Government is on for the former aide for Good Luck Jonathan Reno Omokri.

Daily Watch attempts to get from the Spokes person of the DSS Peter Affunanya on what security body is the MAXIM X and if it is known to the Nigeria Constitution or the DSS was no possible as at Press time.




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