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FG finalizes plot to formally proscribe Shiites in Nigeria

FILE PHOTO: Shiites in peaceful demonstration in Abuja

*As infiltration of group’s protest with armed agents to create feeling of non peaceful protest plotted.

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing editor, Abuja

The followers of the revered and pious Islamic scholar El-Za Zakky may be on their last thread of existence as a free group if the plot emanating from the Villa that has so far refused to proscribe the UNO labeled fourth most dreaded group in the world the herdsmen is anything to go by.

Daily Watch Sources inside the seat of Power confirmed that the sect except for any last minute change of mind is set to be proscribe just like the peace loving group IPOB was by the administration which has so far failed to wield the big stick against the most dangerous killing machine in Nigeria, the herdsmen which the Federal Government had rather described as a mere criminal gang. And massively doing everything in its powers to protect and placate with diverse projects and policies.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that several top Security meet has been held in the past one Week on Shiites and their  massive protest and in the days ahead several groups would be out calling for the proscription and arrest of the group for insurrection and other crimes after which the government would then wield the big stick as was the case with IPOB.

Daily Watch sources confirmed that the Shiites have been infiltrated by  armed sponsored agents who are to make use of firearms in almost all protest of the group in Abuja so as to create a picture of the Shiites getting violent and armed so as to help finalized and quickly wield the big stick on the group.

Daily watch sources has it that the Shiites are simply playing into the hands of the Federal Government with their recent infiltrated protest in the National Assembly and Abuja as several non armed Shiites have been on plain have been positioned to infiltrate the demonstration and cause mayhem so as to paint the group negatively to easily deal with them.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that from the last National Assembly Protest to date all Shiites protest have infiltrators with a mission to make their peaceful protest  violent and even bloody to paint the Shiites in a very bad light.

Daily watch Sources has it that like IPOB the Shiites are in the tail end of their existence in Nigeria except a last minute change of mind occur at the top echelon of this administration which has received massive support and prompting from the Saudi Government to go after and totally clear out the Shiites from the soil of Nigeria, a plot and decision that was agreed on during the first tenure of the Buhari’s administration that eventually saw to the clampdown and massive military assaults and action against the Shiites that culminated in the continual and continuous detention of the leader of the group till today in spite of   directives of different courts and even government panel report for the release of the leader of the group El –Za Zakky.

Daily watch tried reaching out to Spokes person of the DSS Affunaya Peter and President Buhari Media team  on the reported plot  by the Federal government to infiltrate the group with an intent to portray them as violent and armed to helped finalized the plot of proscribing them but was not successful as at press time





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