Fears in Aso Rock as Shake-up Hits Kitchen Cabinet Members



ABUJA- The story in the media recently by some APC chieftains claiming
to be in the know of certain person or persons that doesn’t know  the
President well to the extent of taking to poisoning him seem  not just
a  satanic cry in the wilderness after all, if the revelations coming
out of the Aso Rock Kitchen, the seat of Power is anything to go by.

This is so  because the Kitchen of the seat of Power was said
to have received Massive overhauling few weeks ago before the return
of the President and Commander in Chief to the country weeks back

The changes which is said to be in the behest of a cabal in
the Presidency is said to have affected almost all sectors of the
kitchen formation in the seat of power with the state Security out fit
the DSS said to have played a  major role in the screening and vetting
of all those who are said to be in the most sensitive positions in the



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