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Fake PDP debut as members pocket millions of naira




*As Presidential think thank drops billions for operations after
failing with Sheriff.


*Ogun drug Senator and a failed chairmanship aspirant as arrowheads

ABUJA-Panic is said to be the name of the game among the top political
presidential think tank following the success of the PDP convention
which the think Tank and a retired general and ex-President  did all
to frustrate without success.

Like a sore wound the political think tank of the President  has
in association with a failed chairmanship  aspirant sponsored by the
think tank as a mole in the PDP with so much millions handed over for
the convention seem to have launched a new game plan this time
flouting a so called Fake PDP early today at the seat of power here in
Abuja after failing to make the desired impact in the Covention held
weeks ago.

The failed Chairmanship aspirant who is said to be doing the hatchet
job of the presidential political think tank is said to have received
over 2 billion naira days ago as 2nd installments after the money he
was given for the convention and  to pursue a legal battle against the
new PDP chairman Uche Secondus and to get a new Secretariat and flout
another fake PDP to the bargain.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the new PDP made of only
five men who had been paid several millions to stand as the key
members with their new Secretariat in Asokoro, in Abuja are said  to
be with several millions to lure some PDP members to their fold to get
some strength and are  already working on a script with  a Senator in
Ogun state who has a running Drug case in far away United states of
America with an assurance that the case of extradition would be
dropped so far he would  happily become part and parcel of the Fake

Daily Watch investigations in and around Abuja confirmed that the
group is running around trying to woe people to their fold with
promises of a million naira to which for now they have not succeeded
but hitting serious brick walls as they are  been turned down even
with the promised financial gifts.

Daily Watch So far have the names of the  five men said to be in the
open as members who for now constitute the Fake PDP with several
millions of naira already in their pockets.

The men are Prince Obi Nonso, Alhaji Adamu Hassan, Chief Olusola
Akindele, Godwin Duru and one Frankyliyn Edede.

It would be recalled that the same think tank working in concert with
the failed chairmanship aspirant also spearheaded the  Sheriff led
factional PDP all through the political battle with the aim to use
Sheriff to stand as the PDP Presidential candidate if he had not lost
at the Supreme court with several billions wasted by the Presidential
think tank to sponsor the Sheriff /Ojugho   failed game plan

All attempts to speak to the legitimate PDP Chairman Uche Secondus was
not feasible as he is said to be in meetings with some top PDP


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