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Face of a thief: Prof. Pondei swims in pond of multi- billions corruption in NDDC

Face of a thief: Professor Pondei Kimibradikumor

*As billions are carted away using Emergency job model to hide looting

By Cletus Opukeme, Editor & Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, Abuja

Much for now may not be known of the massive involvement of Professor Pondi in the looting spree that the NDDC has become not because Pondi’s looting technique is secretive but as a result of the general focus on the leader of the suspected looting ring in the NDDC and Minister of the Niger Delta Godswill Akpabio,thereby; taking the lime light off the shoulder of his able supported cohorts Professor Pondei without whom ‘Lootocrat’ Akpabio would not have been able to pull all his corruption stunts in the NDDC.

Daily watch investigations here in Abuja confirmed that almost all stunt pulled by Akpabio to ferry cash out of the NDDC from inflated Contracts like in the Rodnab building which was revoked, re-awarded and hiked up from four Billion to Sixteen Billion with seventy Five percent upfront payment , Emergencies Contracts deals , Contract breaking award, Convid 19 palliatives stealing and others have the full imprints of Professor Pondi himself who sheepishly seemed to have sold himself and his integrity for a pot of porridge, the same porridge thing the former holder of the position in the person of Joy Gbene Nunieh rejected and refused to accede to that led to her systematic removal from her esteemed position by the ever greedy Minister of the Niger Delta Senator Gods will Akpabio.

Daily watch discreet findings in the NDDC headquarters amongst staff in the know confirmed that Professor Akpabio in the web of the massive looting in NDDC may have met an already orchestrated strategically or existing structured looting spree, waiting for final endorsement which Dr. Gbene Joy Nunieh alluded to in her recent interview with Daily Watch and which made Akpabio sent her out of the juicy job over her refusal to append her signature to the grand design looting that has today made Pondi and Akpbio’s name a sing song in high grade corruption discuss in Africa.

Daily Watch discussed with several staff in the NDDC headquarters confirmed that the fall of Pondi a well respected Professor into the web of Akpabio’s game of looting was as surprising and shocking and that Professor Pondei needs spiritual soul searching and check as to whether or not he might have been bewitched by the said Akpabio oracle or ritual of oath of secrecy and loyalty to the general supervisor of NDDC himself, Godswill Akpabio spiritual bondage and his alleged voodooism in governance.

From all indications, Professor Pondiei’s reaction or response to Daily Watch investigations of swearing to a deity and placing of curses on Daily Watch reporters on official duty does not portray him as a man of his caliber whenever he is asked for his own side of defence. The action of Professor Pondei, leaving all documental defenses and dossiers of documents on diverse financial malfeasance and his role in the N16 billion NDDC Secretariat scam makes him a clannish hero or more of a frustrated man.

The new NDDC web and concave of corruption under Professor Pondei is like broad daylight robbery of the federal government and people of Niger, Delta region.

See how NDDC spent N81bn in six month

It was a can of worms that was let open on Thursday, during the investigative public hearing by the Senate Ad-hoc committee on investigation of the alleged financial recklessness in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The Senate committee interrogated the rationale behind some expenditures it considered curious especially the amount involved in the expenditure from the document presented to the Senate by the (NDDC).

Chairman of the committee, Senator Adebunmi Adetunmbi, reeled out figures of expenditure between October and May ending.

Some of the figures include:

Community relations – – – N1.3bn

Condolences – – N122.9m

Consultancy – – –N83.8m

COVID-19 – – – N3.14bn

Duty Tour Allowances (DTA) —– N486m out of which IMC 2 spent N302m

Imprest – – – –N790.9m

Lassa fever intervention – – – – -N1.9bn

Legal service – – N900m

Logistics – – – – N61m

Maintenance – – –N230m

Medical – – – – N2.6bn

Overseas Travel – N85.6m

Project – – – – – N38.6bn

Publicity – – – – N1.121bn

Security – – – – –N744m

Staffing – – – – –N20.9bn

As Senate adhoc committee sets to  expose more damning  revelation on corruption in days ahead.

Daily Watch reliably gathered that in most cases and in a bid to outsmarted the federal government, a new scam pattern has been orchestrated and crafted by Pondi and his boss against contract policies as stipulated by federal government .The current NDDC under the Swearing and curse laying Professor Pondei is now approving and issuing contract approval letters in the name of emergency jobs with Bill of quantity (BoQ) by that way the contract worth is not stated as a way of diverting federal government attention while in payment voucher, the account section fixes any amount running into of billions of naira for payment in the name of the contractor who turns around to pull out 50% or more from to the boss and his cohorts as their share of the loot from the Emergency jobs by the IMC board and Minister of Niger Delta affairs Gods will Akpabio.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that due to the maximum profit made from emergency jobs, jobs approved by the federal government have been neglected for payments as attention is shifted to phony emergency jobs which in most cases were not executed but payments are hurriedly paid for pecuniary reasons.

This form of contract system tagged ‘emergency contract’ with no fixed contract sum was also alluded to by the Immediate sacked acting NDDC M/D Dr Gbene Joy Nunieh. She in one of her press expose confirmed that this kind of phony contracts from Senator Akpabio who wanted her to make approvals for payment and her blunt refusal was amongst reasons he Gods will Akpabio moved for her removal in Aso Rock.

Daily watch steady and saliant efforts to get Pondei to respond to documental proofs of diverse emergency contracts deals staring him directly in the face and for assisting in the revocation and jerking up contract sum from 4billion to sixteen billion Naira NDDC Secretariat building to Rodnap construction company that has trademark of the Niger Delta Minister Ownership with seventy five percent of the funds paid upfront within weeks of his resumption of office as NDDC acting Managing Director against all known Federal Government Contract award and payment policies even in the midst of evidences of a call for refund of the huge addition to the contract by the Federal Government through the Accountants General’s office was not possible as he remained mute maybe in view of overwhelming facts stacked against him.

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