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Ezugwu advocates pardon for inmates served beyond 15 years

Nigerian prison inmates


By Christopher Tom, Uyo

Government should Grant Amnesty to Inmate


The controller Nigerian correctional service Akwa Ibom State command, Mr. Julius Ezugwu said the government should grant amnesty to inmates that has serve for 15, 25, 35 years respectively as they have been thoroughly rehabilitated to associate with the society

The controller Mr. Julius ezugwu made the appealed while speaking with journalists in his office shortly after the Newly promoted senior officers in uyo.

The controller said its would be a welcome development if the government grant them amnesty because they have been given re orientation to associate with the society, not to promote or cause unrest, crisis over their experience and advice by the correctional service to behave properly as respected citizens.

According to him, granting them amnesty may come from health ground, age over their sentence, they have been trained in various skill not to becomes burden to people and believe they would not engage in crime again. Understand that crime cannot pay anything good for them while focus on their future or lives.

The correctional boss believe government would look towards the development while commended the newly promoted senior officers to continue work hard diligently despite the challenges should not relent pull the word of their experience in service for others to emulate them.

He said the promotion would also ginger others officers to work hard and advice them in doing their job diligently as they would smile at the end of eating the fruits of their labour.

He said they have trained inmates in different skills of endeavor and empower them giving them data pack, working materials and especially motivate them to be serious with their profession while called on NGO, churches and spirited Nigerians to support their program for the benefit of the inmate.

KORA lauds Akwa Ibom govt for free business tickets

Christopher Tom, Uyo

KORA commended Akwa Ibom government for free tickets and peaceful environment operate their business.

The keke owners and riders association Akwa Ibom State has commended Akwa Ibom government for providing enabled environment for transporters to operate their business and especially the advantage of free tickets to keke transporters without any molestation on them across the state 2023.

The President keke owners and riders association ( kora ), comrade. Jeremiah EsemeJackson stated this in his office while fielding questions from journalists in Uyo. Said the government has done tremendously well with transporters, saying the free tickets assisted by government was because of their suffering and facing hardship over the skyrocketing price of fuel experience in the state still commended them of their effort to them but the greatest experience in 2023 on them as an association was the shocking moment price of material.

According to him, 2022 tyre was sale for 9,000 during December period later cost 25,000 in 2023 not to talk about engine oil and others spare parts are nothing to write home about while tricycle during the campaign cost one million three hundred and seventy thousand in 2023 now its cost 2.2 million because of the economic situation witnessed.

He said the development has cripple more than 30% of keke owners to drop from the business because they cannot maintained their keke while some has been frustrated and back out completely over the ugly experience and advice his members to take care of their keke despite the challenges should not relent to achieve their purpose.


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