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Exposed:Real reasons for the secrecy over Ikoyi NIIA funds, NSA, presidency fingered in cash found

President Muhammadu Buhari



*Nobody would be prosecuted over money as EFCC to end probe

LAGOS-The anti-corruption war of the present administration is either a
facade or a well-crafted pool of deceit if the exposure oozing out of
the much talked about Ikoyi million Dollar discovery is anything to
write on.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the real reasons why the
government had refused to state anything about the Vice President
Investigative Panel report or why the content has not been made public
or the Ex NIIA boss put on any trial is simply because the doing of
all the aforementioned would expose several lies and deceit of the
Buhari’s administration and also show how corruption and grand looting
is ongoing even in the Presidency.

According to Daily Watch investigations, the Ikoyi loot so called is
part of the money which the APC led government has accused Dasuki and
the Jonathan administration of looting in the 1.2 billion naira arms

The Money which is said to be part of the so called loot of Dasuki was
actually transferred to the NIIA by the National Security adviser
Sambo Dasuki on with the knowledge of the Administrations security
team then with another 30 million dollars given to the DSS under the
Ex Dss boss Ekpeyong which are all clearly in the handover note given
to the President and the New National Security Adviser but shockingly
the New NSA and the DSS boss kept all secret because coming open with
them would to a large extent put some lie to the 1,2 billion arms gate
loot of Sambo Dasuki for which the Buhari government glaring lied

The NIIA fund which was known to the Presidency and the NSA was
supposed to be kept there an secretly used by the presidency without
fuse but for the expose ogf thee whistle blower who created confusion
about the fund for which the government finds very confusing to
explain but known to the NSA, NIIA boss and few in the Presidency
including the President himself.

The Balance 30 million dollar which is also part of what the
administration is trying Sambo Dasuki for was given to the Ex DSS boss
for the service operations and acquiring of modern equipment which the
ex DSS expanded over nine million Dollars in getting modern equipment,
bugging and several tracking devices and modern gadgets that has made
getting of kidnappers to be easily arrested these days with the
remaining twenty one million dollars handed over to the new DSS Boss
Duara from Katsina State who within two years has looted all of the 21
million dollars handed over by his predecessor without many fuse from
the Presidency.

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that it was this new expose that
necessitated the EFCC raid on the Ex  NIIA boss and  the Ex DSS boss
so as to get a comprehensive details and cash handed over to the
Present DSS and NIIA bosses for which the Present DSS Director was
uncomfortable with that he drafted over fifty well armed DSS operative
with a directive to kill any EFCC officer to attempt to arrest the duo
of the EX NIIA boss and the EXDSS boss for fear of their arrest
exposing his own looting of the over 21 Million Dollars handed over
and which is the target of the Economic and financial crimes
commission (EFCC) having gotten all the respective documents
indicating the Present DSS director for monumental looting of all the
handed over sum from the said 1.2 million dollars the administration
claimed Dasuki looted but yet refusing to allow the trial to go on for
fear of many more secrets to be exposed by Sambo Dasuki about the so
called Arms gate.

Daily Watch consistent attempts to speak to the Presidential spokes
man on this deceit, cover up and refusal to allow for arrest of the Ex
DSS and NIIA bosses by the Present DSS boss and the Presidency
reportedly silence was not possible but our inner voice in EFCC
confirmed that Magu has been cautioned to relax his reported plot to
track and arrest  the EX NIIA and DSS bosses and in extension the
exposure of the present DSS boss as a pathological thief and put to
fore the many lies on the Dasuki so called 1,2 billion Dollar loot.

While the pokes man for the EFCC Wilson Uwajuren confirmed the
investigation of the Past and present DSS bosses for some shocking
expose that the EFCC needed clarifications.




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