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Exposed: Why Presidency can’t release VP probe on Ikoyi gate,Ayoola Oke



             *Would expose some lies by the Presidency over looted Security funds

              *Would expose several top Presidency officers involved in the loot


President Buhari

ABUJA-Real reasons why the much talked about Presidential Probe of the discovered loots in Ikoyi popular known in the media as Ikoyi gate has remained a top secret  has been unearthed and the real details and facts are as shocking and revealing.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that truly that there was some monies that was kept in the Ikoyi Osborne towers by the Ex DG Ayoola Oke but not for the same purpose that the erstwhile DG told Nigerians.

Also confirmed and ascertain by Daily Watch is that the recovered monies where truly Part of the Monies Allocated by the Jonathan Presidency to the NIA and another sets of 30 million Dollars to the DSS for some cumulative years and that same monies were listed in the handover notes by the Dasuki led NSA to the new NSA boss.

Shockingly according to the Findings of the Vice President panel, these monies were secretly kept apart from the knowledge of Nigerians except for vey few in the Buhari’s Government who together with the DG then had a ploy for the money that is  not for the genuine interest but self serving to those in the Government then who would by now have totally shared the money before the action of the whistle blower who exposes the monies and the real reasons the monies were kept highly secret from Nigerians.

Daily Watch investigations’ and also confirmed by the Vice President probe  totally would have exposed the fact that Dasuki who is facing trial for looting of certain defence funds had truly kept these funds must of which are the recovered Ikoyi fund and the over 30 billion Dollars left behind by Kayode the former DSS Boss but which had been within one year fretted away by the new DSS boss for which the EFCC had and altercation with the DSS while hunting for the Present DSS boss and the 30 million Dollars which were part of the monies left behind by Dasuki for which the Present Administration don’t want to give the detained Dasuki Credit for but stylishly looting same as in the case of the 30 million dollars left in the DSS coffers and already expanded within one yaer by the new DSS helmsman.

The Vice President reports which is now kept secret confirms the monies in the Osborne Ikoyi mansion as belonging to the Federal Government and part of the so called loots of Dasuki but which was hidden by certain forces in the Presidency with the Knowledge of the DG then for a clandestine and self serving purpose of looting it off the NIA before the expose by the whistle blower despite all attempt by Presidency officers and National Security Adviser to stop the EFCC from raiding for the funds knowing it was kept there by persons in positions of power in the Presidency with the intent of later cornering it all and sharing amongst themselves.

Daily Watch investigations confirm that the opening of the Vice President investigations would spill a huge can of worms that would finally destroy the Presidency and destroy all the talk of anti corruption fight and turn Col Dasuki to a mall cult hero rather than a Villain that he is been painted Presently as Huge sums of monies saved behind by him have been and is been still been re -looted just like the NIA recovered loot was marked for by those in authority hence the refusal  to release the Vice President original investigative reports and the sack of Mohammed Daudu for.

The whole involvements of Presidency officers is also the same reasons why no attempt is been made to arrest or prosecute Ayoola Oke and his reported boosting of exposing everyone involved if he is as much as arrested  by any one prompting the almost killing battle between the DSC and NIA over plots by the EFCC to go for Ayoola Oke and the former DG of the DSS so ss to hide the secrets.

Attempts to speak with Laolu Akande the spokesman to the Vice President on the secrecy surrounding a report Nigerians are supposed to be informed about having been told it was a loot was not possible as refused to respond in spite of repeated text messages to his line.


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