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Exposed: The untold facts about Gbagis/Hausa war in Abuja



          *The involvement of the FCT minister in the installation and
upgrade of a Niger indigene as Seriki

*Secret plots to take over FCT from the Gbagis underlying factor.



President Buhari
ABUJA-That there was a battle between the Gbagis who are the original owners of all Land in the FCT and the Hausas days to the Christmas is no more news. But what is not actually revealed is the real course of the fracas.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the serial stories of cult
related battle and others that led to the battle in Bwari Area Council
of the FCT is just a story sold by those who are hiding the truth from
getting out to the Public domain as the real factors that resulted in
the fracas between the Hausa and Gbagis is simply as a result of the
Hausas who are having Support from the powers that be to take over the
traditional powers in the FCT from the original owners of the FCT who
are the Gbagis.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Hausas in FCT who are
sellers over years are systematically laying claims to land and
villages in Abuja which before now belongs to the Gbagis under the
cover of the same religion and this hidden pattern had been on for
several years until the recent bubble which brought the Bwari area
Council into great turmoil in the days to and after Xmas.

The preamble and seed to this open confrontation is not connected to
the support the Hausas were said to have gotten from the FCT minister
Mohammed Musa Bello in  the installing of a Seriki of Bwari  the Son
of  one Awaal Musa  Ijakoro from Niger state as not Just an Emir of
Bwari but as a second class traditional Ruler in Gbagi Land which the
natives see as a continuation of the attempt of the Hausa using their
Political clout in power to propel a new crop  the traditional class
from the Hausa dynasty  to the helm of the traditional stool in the
FCT starting with  Hausa Serikis in almost all the six local
Government areas ion the FCT from whence they would take over the
headship of the FCT Traditional Council from the Gbagis who are the
Original owners of the FCT as a whole.

It is this underground game plan aided by the FCT minister in which an
indigene of Niger State is now a 2nd class traditional Ruler in Bwari
a Gbagi land that the Gbagis  were  trying to stop that resulted in
the War  and more Wars to come if the appropriate actions are not put
in place to stall the usurpations of the Traditional rights of the

Daily Watch spoke to one of the Gbagi elders  Chief Phillip  Hamm and
he confirmed the serial plots by the Hausas to Politically and
traditional usurp the land, rites and all of the Gbagis using the same
religion and the hold of Hausa in the  Power equations in the Country
to take over the Gbagis  political/traditional stools and install an
Hausa dynasty to head the Gbagis in the FCT a thing they would resist
with their last blood since the Gbagis have no traditional Seriki in
any Hausa land making it Funny for the Hausas to be secretly fostering
same o the land of others.

According to him ‘’The battle in Bwari is not and can never be the
issue of cultist or cult related as the Police and the FCT leaders are
deceiving the Nigerian people but simply a resistance of an attempt by
the Hausas using the FCT minister to create an Hausa chiefdom in the
land of the Gbagis with the installing ad upgrading of the Seriki to a
second class  traditional ruler in Bwari, a man whose origin is of
Niger State and not a Gbagi in any way thereby positioning him to be
in the same league with the  Esu of Bwari, the recognize traditional
ruler in Bwari and who is from Gbagi Origin, a thing the same Hausa
would not tolerate in their own land”

Daily Watch spoke to FCT PRO of the Nigerian Police  DSP Aujugun
Manzah  who  stated   that   the fracas in the Bwari Area Council in
which he said only one  person died was as a result of inter  cult war
that went overboard but which the Gbagis elders  described as blatant
lie by the  Police headed and propelled by the Hausas to bury the fact
of the matter since to them the Police without any investigations
cannot claim to the  statement of a cult War when in truth  there was
no cult war in Bwari but an attempt aided by the FCT minister to
infiltrate and give to the Hausas the stool of the Gbagis.

In the words of a Gbagi Elder Joseph Damman ‘’The police description
of the Bwari war as cult related is simply protecting and hiding the
truth and trying to kill the involvement of the FCT ministers and
other Hausas in the Fostering of a Niger man as Seriki of Bwari and
upgrading of same to a second class chief in Bwari a land of the


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