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Exposed: The three men who steal billions yearly on behalf of the cabal in form of Subsidy payments under Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari, Mamman Duara and Abba Kyari

*Pays several billions every year to strange persons, accounts in unapproved Subsidies over three years.

The grand looting n the Buhari’s administration under the so called Subsidy payments seemed to be getting clearer by the day as the so called secret Subsidy payments unknown to law and the National Assembly  and those in charge of the grand lootings is getting clearer by the day.

Daily Watch findings had it that the Subsidy loots which hit over  three hundred and Seventy Eight  (378) Billions in 2018 alone despite the so called subsidy removal is masterminded by just three persons on behalf of the President and the Cabal that appoints the three  in to the administration of Mohammadu Buhari.

The Three musketeers who on behalf of the Cabal has milked several trillions in the three years of the Buhari’s administration are said to be directly under the supervision and directive of one Mamman Duara, a Senior Cousin of the President who resides in the Villa and runs directly through the NNPC Managing Director Maikanti Baru affairs in the Nigerian National Petroleum (NNPC).

Daily watch Sources has it that all contracts, deals, oil lifting rackets, agreements etc must first pass through the perusal of this Mamman Duara before it becomes whatever it becomes as all so called ‘bazaar subsidy Payments’ (since it is free money for them as it is not appropriated or known, supervised by anyone but the three) paid over the past three years and  running into several trillions were said to have been initiated, drawn up, calculated and paid to companies, associates and accounts sent in by the big masquerade Mamman Duara in the Villa using three persons who are the Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari, Mainkanti Baru and the Financial Officer in charge of Finance  and Accounts in the NNPC Isiaka Abdulrazak who are all agents of the same Cabal headed by Mamman Duara who gave them the appointments in the first place.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the Cabal which has hands in the NHIF, Ikoyi discovered fund, Ex-Duara blackmail ring, payments to be stopped from EFCC rackets etc  is said to be so rich that they are presently in charge with the huge loots of the Campaign for President Buhari 2nd term in terms in Financial sponsorship.

Daily Watch findings had it that the Cabal are above board and can’t be questioned by the President as even the President is said to kowtow to all decisions of this Cabal which the President’s Wife Aisha Buhari gave a direct hint to several weeks back when she said two persons have high jacked the administration of her husband.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the NNPC Managing Director Maikanti Baru on how and whose authority he does his Subsidy computing and payments or on whose authority the withdrawal are done without National Assembly approvals  was not possible despite spirited and unceasing efforts.




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