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Exposed:  Recharge card/accessories dealer before 2015 who become multi-millionaire as Buhari’s private secretary

Muhammadu Buhari

*Sabiu Tunde Yusuf Private Secretary to President and Son of Mamman Duara’s Sister Hajia Halima

By  Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

The Multi -Millionaire  if not Billionaire boys who were nobody before 2015 but now stupendously rice with houses all over Abuja, Dubai and several Countries abound in the Aso Rock Villa and from the same clan, house of the so called Anti Corruption fighter and leader President Mohammadu Buhari.

Apart from Abdulmalik, the multi Millionaire Security detail to President Buhari who rose from nothing to something in the Nigerian police force and presently have his own list of officers for promotion that no one questions, the only officer to be promoted three times in three years to become a Police Commissioner while his mates are still far below the ladder courtesy of an anti-Corruption President Mohammadu Buhari.

In te Villa seats another named Sabiu Tunde Yusuf, this time a Private Secretary to President Mohammadu Buhari and son of the Sister of Mamman Duara called Hajia Halima who before 2015  had not known to work anywhere or place but deals on petty recharge Card and Phone accessories from whence he dramatically becomes the Private Secretary to President Mohammadu Buhari and one of the stupendously richest man at the young age of 38,a true story from Grass in Duara to Grace in the Villa in a shocking financial stunt not seen in the history of the world.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Supra Rich Sabiu who has Tunde added recently to his nomenclature to delude Nigerians is one Nigeria that the EFCC boss Magu has refused to see or investigate despite becoming massively rich from having nothing to his bank account before he became Private Secretary to Mohammadu Buhari,

Today, he owns houses in Abuja and other Countries yet on a fixed Salary as Private Secretary and a former Recharge Card seller in the same administration where EFCC runs after only Yahoo boys and asked Nigerians to write petitions before investigating Bullion Vans of Cash to the strong Man of Politics Jagaban Bola Tinubu home during elections, as if petitions where written before Atiku’s Lawyer and In-law where arrested for Money laundry or yahoo boys gets rounded up every day all over Nigeria.

Daily watch findings confirmed that no one sees Mohammadu Buhari without the express permission of Sabiu Tunde Yusuf who takes orders only from two men Mamman Duara (De-factor President of Nigeria) and Abba Kyari  (De-factor Vice President of Nigeria) before allowing anyone near the weakling that is now more of a Ceremonial head in the Presidential Villa.

Daily Watch series of text messages to the  Magu led EFCC through the Spokes person Tony Oriade on how a mere  ex-recharge Card seller and now Private Secretary to President Buhari and a Police officer would become multi – Millionaires  with properties scattered all over the world between 2015 and today was not responded to just as the same text asking why EFCC needs petitions before investigating those close to the President before investigations can be done that is if such petitions are not dumped in condemned files, like that of Tinubu Bola Hypothec  Billion Tax Fraud and Bullion Van Laundry petitions while others with similar offence are picked without petitions was not also answered as at press time.






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