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Exposed: Real reasons Governors play Russian roulette with Killings by herdsmen



*As herders cum-Fulani Militia carry out Land grabbing, take over and Annexation under a secret RUGA

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor,  Abujal

That the Killings and taking over of lands in almost all zones and regions in the Country still goes on in spite of the several rhetoric by the different state governors and most members of the National Assembly after which nothing happens or is heard about the issue has been fully exposed.

Daily Watch investigations in and around the Seat of Power in Abuja Confirmed that there is really a secret but firm plots by people in the top corridors of Power in the Buhari’s administration to fully take over lands in the diverse zones and regions in the Country and the several Fulanis/herders genocidal killings and massacre all over the Country with th Police and Military doing nothing and government down playing it all is simply as a result of the high caliber of persons involved in the dastard annexation policy secretly been pursued by some persons who were once in the forefront of RUGA in the Buhari’s administration.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the Policy has seen most Southern Western and even Eastern states and zones having Military and Police officers from a particular part of the Country posted to them to help downplay and cage any serious reprisals, uprisings or serious protest against the herders who have become more deadly and ferocious in the Land acquisition and annexation pursuit all over the contry.

Daily Watch informants in the Villa confirmed that the Fulani expansionist Policy and Agenda is almost like a clarion call by some persons who are in the seat of Power themselves with overwhelming powers to not only control affairs in the Buhari’s administration but has been strengthened by the President with his open authority to over sea almost every issue of governance in the Country with a Presidential speech that all ministers must report to this de-factor Vive President who of recent was mentioned in the usurping of the powers of the National Security Adviser (NSA) in some leaked Memo days ago.

Daily watch findings Confirmed that RUGA is currently ongoing in a military fashion as the onslaught of the Fulani herders who in truth are well trained Militia is simply to grab the same Land that was refused directly by several stte government under the RUGA or was Nigerians not told on open Channels Telivision by the Media aide of the President that those who refused to give their Land peacefully would end up dead with the Land taken ovet by the way.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Military Postings as in Officers manning strategic command positions and in the Police also are strictly given directly from the Presidential Villa after serious and intelligent check on the Officers as pro sectional rather than pro Nigeria to help aid and play down the menace and serious massacre Nationwide by the Fulani Militia cum Herders that has taken killing and Land acquisition as a policy that must be actualized within some specific years.

Daily watch informant confirmed that already, the South West is totally taken over and the recent upsurge and cry over the South West Security Outfit Ameotukun was simply to block any thing that would cage the herders/Militia in the match to claim and take over all the forest and Bushes in the South West which after some years would be declared as Fulanis territories with Fulani names, rulers etc.

Already all the Bushes in Illesha, Ogun , Ekiti.Ondo states and the long stretch of Lagos Ibadan Expresses way and several others in the South West are in the hands of these evil Marauders, well trained militias and murderers styled as Herders to disguised their game plots who are not only mining Gold and other Minerals in this Bushes but building their own cities known to the powers that be and Military authorities who are all looking the other ways and the several state governors all over the South West and the Country mute except for rhetoric because of docile and sublime threats of EFCC investigations and their future Political pursuit which their opposition or serious fight against the herders would jeopardized.

Recently a state governor in the South East even went as far as Presenting an Emir in his state to help safe guard his political seat which he fears might be taken away by the Supreme Court review but been advised by the same top man, a de factor leader in the Buhari’s presidency to give the Fulanis a chance in his Imo state and gets his hope firm in the Supreme Court judgment slated for March 2nd and the result was the rush to preset an Emir in Imo state just few days ago to buy the favour of some stop masters in the Villa.

Daily Watch findings has it that like the Imo governor, several other Governors like Ekiti, Delta etc are having talks for one favour or the other and the wiping of all petitions to the EFCC bearing their names and in return selling their people to the Fulanis herders hence the constant hue and cry over herders attacks all over the states with the Governors only blowing hot and nothing else than begging the killers for reconciliations, meetings etc after which another rounds of the same killings with the Police and Military standing by to either look, give lower figures of the death rate or stopping any reprisal killings as warned by President Buhari instead of going after the killers..

Already, the Fulani Militias popular known as Fulani herders that have taken over the North Central, South West, Kogi, Edo, Delta and almost half of the South East with solid and sophisticated weapons from Libya and several foreign outlets would after some years bare their real intent and fang and make the killings so far witnessed in Benue and the North Central a Childs play in other regions until the inhabitants consent to their been the real owners of all the lands in the diverse regions just as the Hausa’s, Kanuri’s, Gbagi’s and Nupe’s in Niger State and the FCT etc who are the original owners of the FCT in the North are now witnessing.

Daily Wtch findings confirmed that most Snators and Governors are aware of the Fulani land grabbing and annexation agenda but are too carried away by their peanuts falling from the desk of their Masters and fear of the un known in the hands of their masters as regards their political life and the EFCC, that all they do is giving to rhetoric and harsh words without any action as seen in the case of the massive killings in Benue and now Delta were the Senator Representing Delta Central, a friend of the Fulani’s himself rushed down in full glare of Television Cameras etc and made all the wild speeches in the world and left without any plans to safeguard his people and send the evil that the herders have become or the executive governor of a State Ifaenyi Okowa mouthing high fire words about the Military assisting the Fulani herders and shamelessly ending with the statement of waiting for a president Buhari to help him safe Deltans, what a shame, a charade by Southerners in seat of authorities and power.

Daily Watch informant confirmed that the Militia cum Herders would continue their killings, raping etc all over the Country until they are able to be in possession of all the Bushes, Forest, Farm lands in the Southern and Middle belt axis of he Country with the Military and Nigerian Police tacitly by omission or commission backing them by their refusal to go after the Killers but opting for silence or negotiation on all cases and places where this evil killers perform their genocidal killings.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the Military and Police high command through text messages on why it is difficult for the Nigerian Army and Police to really go after herdsmen in the different parts of the Country that has made Insecurity the theme Songs of Nigeria was meet with stiff and conspiratory silence just as most state Governors who opt for mere sounds, noise and shouts without actions when confronted by this Herders cum Fulani Militia in their states.

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