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Exposed: Real reason Yemi Osibanjo ‘ll never resign no matter the height of humiliation

Professor Yemi Obinbajo

*As Cabal plot even more ‘assaults’, humiliations on Vice President to force him to resign.

By Lucky Ojibo, Abuja

That many in the south West and Nigeria generally had expected Vice President Yemi Osibanjo to have thrown in the towel long ago as a result of the massive humiliation he has so far suffered and still suffering in the hands of the Mamman Duara led Cabal in the Aso Rock Villa is no news but what would be news to many is the real reason why the Vice President, a  SAN and a Pastor of the Redeem Christian Church, would not ever resign no matter the height of humiliation or relegation he suffers in the hands of the Cabal.


Daily Watch investigations confirmed that thrice Vice President Yemi Osibanjo has toyed with the resignation option under the Buhari’s administration and thrice he got stopped for different reasons..

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the first was during the first tenure of the Buhari’s administration and at the peak of the President’s health brouhaha and  when the evil deed of the then DSS boss occurred that eventually earned him the big suspension which later culminated in his sack despite solid pressure by the Cabal against his sack by Yemi Osibanjo, the issue of the Sacked Ex DSS boss Duara by Yemi Osibanjo  when he was the acting President during the health saga of President Mohammadu Buhari and his replacement with a southerner despite pressure from the Cabal to do otherwise almost made the VP dropped his resignation letter over the plot by the Cabal to make the President return Duara back to his exalted position which he  was accused of massively  abusing in every way and when on resumption the Cabal wanted  the President to bring Duara back  upon which Yemi Osibanjo vowed  to as well dump his Vice President Position if humiliated by the return of Duara and the rest became history.

The second time the Vice President almost dumped his exalted position was the RUGA conspiracy when the Cabal Smuggled RUGA and claimed it was under the supervision of Yemi Osibanjo and part of the Livestock program me which was a blatant lie and  which the Cabal expected the Vice President to accede to but to which he wholly denied and vehemently came on air to rubbish as  a untrue to the embarrassment of the cabal. Yemi Osibanjo threatened again to leave if the RUGA which was not part of the Livestock /food Security program me was foist on him and that  helped in  the suspension of RUGA and  the eventual a new backdoor plot to implement the system for which several billions had already been withdrawn for use by the Cabal from the Ecological fund with the Central Bank.

The third attempt at resignation  occurred just after  Osibanjo Yemi’s office fell under intense scrutiny by the Cabal using a secret panel headed by the Sacked DSS boss Duara who still works in a consultancy position for the Cabal,  the aim of the secret investigations on all financial dealings of the office of the Vice President was to look for ample dirt to deal with Osibanjo whom the Cabal has come to dislike over several independent minded decisions mostly when the President made him an acting President.

The media whirlwind of Corruption on the Vice President was as a result of this ill feelings against him by the Cabal to which the Vice President himself openly alluded to during a Visit to the South West part of the Country.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Osibanjo for the third time was at the verge of resigning as the Vice President following the massive humiliations, corruption accusations and  the conspiracy that eventually led to his office been stripped bare of any government or administrative portfolio or work but for the last minute advise and caution from inside the Villa and from no other a person than that of the Wife of the President Aisha Buhari, who was said to have warned the Vice President against throwing in the towel as the whole humiliations were strategically plotted to push him to resign so as not just to get  someone else from the South West to take over his Position but to out rightly finished him politically, morally and otherwise using the secret dossiers of investigations to not only arrest and take him to court on several phony charges but rubbish his hard earned reputations with several frivolous allegations and accusations which though would not stand the test of the Judiciary but would ruin him and his name  before the cases would run its full course.

It is this noble advice from one noble mind in the Villa in the person of Aisha Buhari that eventually stalled and stopped Pastor Yemi Osibanjo from throwing in the towel as doing so would have seen his immunity gone and then pointedly pushed him precarious into the  hands of the same Cabal who have been plotting not just to run him down  from the government but destroy him in every aspect  for been independent minded and  in the their phobia of his growing political fame  and good ratings by Nigerians when he held sway during the famous Buhari’s health debacle and with their fear of him throwing the towel into the  2023 Presidential race.

Daily Watch attempts to get the Vice President or his Media lieutenants to confirm or deny the fact that the Vice President at the peak of his humiliation and phony corruption allegations sponsored by the Cabal in the Media almost throw in the towel was not possible as insiders close to the Vice President confirmed that he had ordered his Media team to be circumspect on all interviews for now



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