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Exposed: Real reason DSS prevents EFCC interrogation



*Monumental dirty deals of DSS set to be unveiled if Magu has his way

*Magu on revenge mission to expose the rot in  DSS


ABUJA- The ‘roforofo’ fight in the seat of Power between the EFCC and the
DSS is not just a fight of ego but a fight by the EFCC to unveil the
monumental rots, corruption and strange support for looters in which
the DSS top hierarchy is involved in after collecting billions of

Daily Watch sniffing around in the office of Economic and Financial
Commissions (EFCC) in  as much as over three weeks has confirmed the
prevalence of very shocking  and monumental evidences that would shake
to the foundations the top Hierarchy of the Department of State
Security Service (DSS) if Magu and the EFCC is allowed to go about
arresting and investigating  certain officials who are seen in the DSS
circle as the DG boss.

Daily Watch insider in the EFCc confirmed that the raid on the ex DSS
boss was a test run to the raid on other top DSS officials and the
blockade by the Present DSS Director is not out of love for the ex DSS
boss but a ploy to save himself since if the raid had succeeded the
DSS would not have had the moral ground to stop the EFCC when next  it
raid officers said to be boys of the Present DG who are the real
target of the EFCC, so stopping the EFCC in its raid and invitation on
the EX DSS boss and NIIA boss are merely to make it seem like
protecting the organizations while infact, it is just self-saving
device to safe guard self by the Present DG of the DSS.

According to Daily watch findings, the EFCC which is the highest body
in charge of fighting corruption did the right thing in drafting a
letter to the DSS Director asking for the release of certain DSS
officials whose names had become a re-occurring decimal in several
corruption related deals, money laundering especially the more recent
case of Pension thief Maina disappearance and hold out in some
supposed safe houses of the DSS.

The EFCC instead of getting the cooperation of the DSS to do the
needful was shocked to have gotten serious warnings from the DSS that
is claiming to be above the powers of the EFCC thereby prompting the
EfCC to set up a strike team to go after the said DSS officials whose
hands are said to be strikingly stinky in diverse ways  thereby
aiding and  escalating levels of corruption in the country.

The men for which the EFCC is said to be vehement in arresting are
said to be very close associates of the Director of the DG and are
popularly called the Director boys for the loyal and unquestionable
allegiance and services to the DG.

What keeps many confused is why the DSS is unwilling to release to the
EFCC those requested for and ready to go up I arms with the EFCC
officials in the act of their legitimate duties.

Daily Watch investigations  in Abuja  as to the reason for the DSS to
be doing all within its powers to ward of the EFCC is as a result of
the expose the arrest of the DSS boys would bring to the Public stage
and domain, exposes that would unveil the monumental deals and
corruption that the DSS has become over the years, according to top
officials who would not want their names in print for obvious reasons,said
‘‘The DSS as it is now is an organization of rot, corruption and
monumental money laundry specialist hence the bickering and total
resistance by those involved to the interrogations of some of their
officials who are foot soldiers of the real dancers involved in all
these deals and even collecting millions to protect thieves like Maina
in their safe Houses”.

How this battle between the DSS and the EFCC would phase out is still
unknown as both camps is said to be backed by powerful forces in the
Presidency to undo the other hence the fierceness with which the EFCC
pursuit of the DSS men who are involved as the EFCC see it as a
payback time to the Corrupt DSS that was quick to send stinkers to the
Senate during the Screening of the EFCC Boss that left his
confirmation hanging and thereby making him mere Acting EFCC Boss
rather than a full Boss.

Attempts to get the views of the DSS  was like trying to trek from
Nigeria to Europe as none was ready to  answer any question on the
reported tension between the EFCC and the DSS over mere release of
officials for just questioning.


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