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Exposed: Real reason Boko Haram soldiers surrendering in droves

File Photo. Boko Haram militants lined up with RPG weapons


*As Fed Govt plans releasing another set of 603 de-radicalized  Boko Boys and some others  set to be conscripted into the Military  by June via Operation Safe corridor

By Hammed Ahmadu, Kano

Just when killings by the Boko Haram against Nigerian Military still goes  on unabated, the Federal government  under the  operation Safe Corridor Program me is still conscripting and releasing dreaded Boko Haram boys into Society through a distasteful operation  safe corridor policy

The Operation  Safe Corridor Project  is a brain child of President Mohammadu Buhari  that   has seen  to release of  thousands of arrested and surrendered Boko Haram boys into the society in batches  despite their heinous crimes.

Daily watch investigations Confirmed that  Come June( next month )another sets (603) of Boko Haram killers will again  be released into the Society and front line under the same lame and warped excuses of the sect members going through a serious de-radicalization process of the Nigerian  done by the Military.

The de-radicalization program me which is one of the most condemned and most criticized program me of the Buhari’s administration ( by both the top Military Officers, Nigerians and several Foreign Countries)is meant to  not just de-radicalized and send back into society surrendered and arrested Boko Haram members but  shockingly get some conscripted back into the Nigerian Military.

Daily watch before now has repeatedly exposed the fraud, wickedness  and  high stack evil that the de-radicalized policy has created in the Military with thousands of the so called Members of the Boko Haram Sects under the de radicalized  and released group getting conscripted back into the Boko Haram battle with others seamless getting conscripted into the Nigerian Military from where they become not just informants but giving out sensitive information to their members that at a time saw to the several grand success of the Boko Haram sects against the Nigerian military with many Bases, Convoy, mini base etc falling to the attacking prowess of the Boko Haram using precise and accurate information supplied by their members inside the Military.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that few days from today over 603 new sets of Boko Haram sects members are to be released into the general Society with a little more others secretly conscripted into the Nigerian Military.

Daily Watch findings also confirmed that the recent rate of the Boko Haram Surrendered we hear is as a result of the Safe Corridor  project put in place by the Buhari’s administration to which the sect has now secret embraced with the sole intent of getting several of their members into the Military via the program me f de-radicalization which at present is helping the sect gain higher strength and all necessary information on the Military.

Daily Watch Sources within the Military top officers in the North East and some inner Boko Haram fighters confirmed that stories of hundreds of their members surrendering is simply a tactics to get much more of them back into the Military which will indirectly help them in their battle with the Nigerian Military rather than surrendering for genuine purpose.

A military officer in the North east confided in Daily Watch that if truly the top members of the sect genuinely surrendered and not for some heinous reasons, how come they that are surrendering not giving out sensitive information of the Sect and their leaders to help and aid the Nigeria Military to capture their leaders and finally win the fight against the sect.

Daily watch tried placing calls to the  Coordinator of the Operation Safe Corridor Project of the Buhari’s administration Major  General John Eneche on the intelligence reports and findings that several Boko Haram  fighters who are rushing  to surrender is simply a trap and ploy  by the Boko Haram high command  detailing them to feign surrender with the simple aim of going through the de-radicalizing process after which they hoped to be conscripted into the Military as had happened  severally since the Buhari government came to power and by so becoming agents of the sect inside the Nigeria Military and passing sensitive information to the Sect but was unlucky as his phone rang severally without John Eneche Picking.




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