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Exposed: President again sets to go for secret medical trip abroad

Muhammadu Buhari

By Gabriel Lucky, Abuja

Less than one month after the Present got sworn in for a 2nd term the President is said to be plotting for a secret Medical Trip Abroad again and the Presidency is looking for some excuses or special engagements to create a detour for the Medical tourism.

Daily Watch findings in the Villa confirmed that the health of the President is giving room for serious concerns in and several Doctors flown in weeks back are said to be asking for a medical checkup and others abroad to which the Presidency and the Cabal are not favourable disposed to over the fear and expected reactions of the ever vigilant and critical Nigerian Press over the President non stop Medical trips abroad.

Daily Watch Villa Sources confirmed that the Presidential think Thank are Presently ferrying through different affairs and meets all over the World with a view to pick one that is close to the UK or in the Uk to which the President would be said to be attended for the met but in truth g for the desired and expected Medical attention he rightly and seriously in need of presently.

Daily Watch attempts to know   from the Sources hoe urgent the trip is was not successful as our sources only claimed that it would be within the next few months but not later than August ending for a date to be picked as the Medical team from UK asked for urgent attention.

Attempts to get direct confirmation from the Presidency on the state of the President’s health met a brick wall as no one was willing to speak on such issues more so with the reported threats of Sack of people in the Villa over leak of several confidential information and secret meets and discuss in the media.





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