Exposed: Presidency/cabal plots total demystification of Gov Fayose

Fayose and Buhari


           *Plots immediate arrest and long term detention, if he loses

         *Several Billions to be moved to Fayemi to buy every single person needed for election round tripping in Ekiti.

         *Police, Civil Defence and the Military to play maximum role.

EKITI -The battle for Ekiti State Governorship elections have started already in the Presidency just a day after Kayode Fayemi  the Mister for Solid Minerals picked the APC governorship Ticket as crafted and plotted by the President and the cabal days ago in Ekiti State.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Fayemi success which was staged, backed and supported by the President and the Cabal in the Villa was celebrated highly in the Villa with an immediate meet on the modalities for winning the elections by any means whatsoever.

According to investigations, the meet centered on the need to put all measures in place to see to the total demystification of the Ekiti State Governor in the Ekiti State Governorship elections as the Governor is labeled Enemy number one in the Villa.

To effect this defeat, the cabal in the Presidency is said to be moving several Billions of Naira to the Governorship Aspirant of the APC with also solid directive to all Pala-military heads and their team to be pliable to the Fayemi game plans.

According to details from the meet, it was agreed that everything must be done to ease out Fayose so as to make it easier for get enough evidence to nail and jail him for his several insults and criticism of the President,

The belief is if Fayose Deputy wins, it would be nut shell hard to get any help evidence wise from a Olusola governorship to nail the Governor  Fayose once he leaves office hence the uncommon and unrivalled desperation to see that Kayode Fayemi wins either by hook or by crook.

While the plots of the Presidency and the cabal has reached peak high Daily Watch confirmed that Governor Peter the Rock Fayose is abreast with all the going on and his said to be also perfecting plans and super ploy to cage, tape, video and gather enough dirts on all the meets, rigging ploy etc to also tame the APC as he is certain of pulling a master stroke in a free and fair elections as he is totally loved by the people of the state.

Presently, the state of things in Ekiti is uncommon Silence among Political elites in the state as everyone seem to be watching with keen interest how things would unfold but the belief by many on ground in the state is, if Fayose when he was out of Power can beat Fayemi in all the 16 local Government Areas of the State when Fayemi was the executive Governor of the State with all the Powers of incumbency what magic would he now do or pull when the man Fayose is now in the driver’s seat?

Daily watch Spoke with the Governor’s  aide on  online Media Olayinka Lere who confirmed the plots and supra plots by the APC and Presidency to rig  but was quick to add that disgrace stares them in the face if they toe that line as the People of Ekiti would utterly disappoint and expose them.



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