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Exposed: Many Lies of the Nigerian military on Metele massacre

Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai

*Till date several Corpses still rotting away in Metele Bush.

*Lied about just 33 deaths in the infamous attack,

*Deceiving Nigerians on drones and foreign fighters.

The Nigerian Military  high command rather than count its loses and  actually mobilized and strategized for  a non-repeat of the horrendous attack and disgrace that the Metele Attack has become not only in the Country but in the world at large has choose to use the weapon of lies, overwhelming les to hide their  disgrace.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that instead of the high command taking stock and planning afresh to forestall a repeat, it has delve into the field of blatant lies so as to mitigate the disgrace and embarrassment that Metele has become to the Nigeria nation.

The military in a release claimed that only 33 soldiers as against the several figures been bandied as the real amount of dead in the Metele  massacre which is a far cry from the truth as Soldiers in the hospital and some that were visited by the President confirmed that over 100 plus were truly killed as against the figure been given by the Military just as the tales of a Boko Haram using drones was also disputed by the Survivors  who told Daily Watch that the attack was coordinated by friendly officers dressed in Nigeria Uniform who drove into the bases rather than the story of Drones.

This story of the Survivors seemed to tally with that of Sakida a known and powerful journalist on the Boko Haram Military Battle for years now who was also said to have disclaimed the Military lies of foreign fighters and drones as he graphically gave the names of those that led the attack on the Metele Battalion and also gave their tribe as Kanuri and totally dispel the lies and theories of a people speaking French etc during the attack as claimed by the Military high command in their release.

Sakida also confirmed the story of the Suvivors as reported days ago by Daily Watch that over 100 officers were truly killed on the attack as against 33 given by the Nigerian Military that choose to either blatantly lie or downplaying the catastrophe which the attack symbolizes to the Military.

Daily Watch Sources in Borno confirmed that even at today December first several of the corpses of killed officers have not yet been  evacuated by the Nigerian Military as several  decomposing corpses  still litter the bushes within and around the locale of the attack.

Daily Watch Sources  inside the Military confirmed that until the Nigerian Military look inwards on the process of re-integrating and recruiting so called repentant Boko Haram into the Military, find a way to up the Moral of the Military Officers, pay all their entitlements and get them the much needed hardware for a battle like this many more shocking surprises awaits the Military in the days ahead despite their boast and les over the Metele attack.

Daily Watch Spirited attempts to reach out to the Military spokesperson in Abuja Texas Chukwu on the several stories  of survivor which tallies with that of the renown Journalist  Sakida and greatly contradicts that of the Military  as regards foreign fighters, drones, death figures etc was not possible as  the paper was directed to the statement of the Military to deal with Nigerians that published or post videos which the Military deemed as fake.









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