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Exposed :Why Kachikwu was Dropped As NNPC Boss for Baru


               * Kachikwu insists on due process


ABUJA-The truth seem to be coming out after several months as the true
reasons for the removal of Ibe Kachikwu as the Group Managing Director
of the NNPC and his replacement with Mankainti Baru and posting to an
Obscure Minister for state for Petroleum that has made him more like a
minister without portfolio.


Daily Watch sniffing around confirmed that Kachikwu who was one of the
best to head the prestigious office of the Group MG of the Nigerian
National Petroleum was quickly removed and taken to the obscure
portfolio of Minister for state for Petroleum over his constant
refusal to bend rules or cut any corner in his administration of the
cash cow of the Nation.

According to investigations ,Kachikwu removal was a calculated attempt
to foist a man that would be on the beck and call of those who wish to
sick financially the NNPC as they were unable to get a game in the
short lived administration of Kachikwu who was said to be a thorough
breed technocrats and was said to have refused all letters, lobby  or
notes from  the presidency to break rule to favour some cliques,
it was his recalcitrant stand against cutting corners that eventually
became his fall and the eventual state of the NNPC today where rules
and regulations plus the jettisoning of all laid down due process
mechanism was thrown to the dustbin for the grand looting that is
today going on in the NNPC

Daily Watch
sniffing at the NNPC headquarters  in Abuja confirmed that
what is operational in the Petroleum industry now would make  Allison
Maduekue the Ex-Minister for Petroleum  a saint, if totally
investigated as the looting said to be going on now is far in excess
of what was said to have occurred in the Government of Jonathan as
Contracts are said to be awarded left ,right and centre without
following due process.

According to those in the know Baru is an appointee of the strong man
of Aso Rock Mamman Duara and takes all instructions directly from him
which is one of the reasons why Kachikwu was fired, his refusal to
accept superior instructions of a Mamman Dura and his posting to the position of Minister for Petroleum and the President the
Substantive minister to afford the east milking of the NNPC which is
now growing in leap and bounds.

As it is, Ibe Kachikwu has no say in the NNPC  operations or contracts
award despite sitting as head of the Tenders Board and this was what
one of the staunch supporters of Buhari Professor Tam David West was
alluding to when he said Ibe Kachikwu is merely a Minister without

According to  Tam David West Words ‘’looking at the whole story
between  Ibe Kachikwu and the Group GM of the NNPC it becomes clear
that Baru has done nothing wrong as the Minister for State is merely a
Minister without portfolio as the substantive and approving authority
is the Minister for Petroleum which is the President “but what David
West fail to answer is what happens to the NNPC tenders Board that
never sat over the contracts and how did the  a Nigerian President on
medical vacation  returned to sign such contracts from his  sick bed
when he has formally  handed administrative Power to his Vice

From that it can be seen that Ibe Kachikwu position as Minister of
State for Petroleum is merely used by the Presidency to perform mere
Ceremonial roles while the day to day running and approvals of all
deals in the NNPC is done through  Baru and Mamman who is said to be
the approving authority of all contracts in the NNPC on behalf of the
substantive Minister for Petroleum the President of the Federal
republic of Nigeria which is what Kachikwu’s memo to the President
exposes and which the President and the Cabal at the Villa  are
working night and day to cover up as following it up would unearth
much more shocking fleccing of the NNPC by a few by passing all laid
out safety rules and nets.

The brouhaha over none adherence to due process between Baru and
Kachikwu boils down to Baru confidently dishing out contracts on the
instructions of Mamman who does so in the name of the President
without going through the tenders board as the law stipulates

Daily watch investigations confirms that as it is, the NNPC has been
fleeced to the tune of several millions of dollars through phoney and
funny contracts entered between the Presidency and Baru  the boss in

 Daily Watch team investigations in the NNPC confirms a consensus
among the corporation for the office of the President to be totally
separated from that of the Minister of Petroleum and a competent and
dependable Nigerian made the substantive Minister of Petroleum to
avoid the loot going on in the Corporation a anything short of that
would put the country cash cow wobbling state that it is now and under
the financial looting of some selected family.

Attempts to reach the press secretary of the NNPC was not possible but
the press team of the Ministry of Petroleum confirm the need for the
appointment of a substantive Minister for petroleum with a track
record to save the NNPC from total collapse.


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