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Exposed: How Ibrahim Magu secretly drop several corruption cases on directive of the cabal 

Mr. Ibrahim Magu

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, Abuja

That several highly Profile looters, crooks and thieves were never investigated despite several petitions, with some having their investigations stopped and others even trial on the courts stopped and given higher positions under the Buhari administration that prides itself as the number one Corruption fighter is no news but the news is how the EFCC led by the embattled Ibrahim Magu together with late Abba Kyari used the anti Corruption fight to cut deals for themselves thereby killing the anti Corruption war of the Buhari’s administration.

Daily Watch  special Investigations here in Abuja  confirmed several high
profile cases involving stalwarts of APC and loyal associates which were left rotting away in the
table and desk of Magu who is said to have refused totally and bluntly too to
give out or initiate on the files for investigations while several others
investigated and submitted  but are just kept in the achieves to rot after settlements and directive from the Cabal
instead of prosecution and yet others just left to die out even when
petitions were received.

Daily Watch  investigators for example confirmed the
receipt of several Petitions with stupendous evidences from the Government
of Rivers state and three other bodies on same subject of ex-Gov
Amaechi Minister of Transport looting of several billions to the
Economic and financial Crimes Commission but running to over five years if not more
now nothing has been done on it as the Petitions had remained where
Magu kept it, the achieves.

Also the same thing is applicable to the over six Petitions  with
one directly from the Ekiti state Government against the ex-
Minister  for Solid Minerals and now governor of Ekiti state which too has been dropped in the
achieves by Magu on the express caution and advise by the Presidential Cabal.

Take the cases against Chief George Akume a Minister in the Buhari’s Administration whose several cases had
been investigated and left for prosecution before the APC came on
board and Akume becoming a member of the fold, today nothing is head
of the Akume gate in Benue but all we hear is the case of Suswam , Courtesy of the Cabal to Magu

Again the cases of Governor Temipreye Sylvia  now a Minister in the Buhari’s government like Akume and Amaechi that was systematically killed by
EFCC and over forty eight Houses and several Billions of Naira been
proceeds of crime were secretly released to the Ex-Governor  of Bayelsa
state, Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  and  a strong Chieftain of the APC for no reason whatsoever.

The looting by the suspended Secretary to the Federal Government in a
grass clearing Bazaar is still fresh in our minds with panels upon
panels set up and the case  just recently due to public pressure sent for prosecution but shockingly with shamefully weak evidences as all solid evidence removed from the case file with the simple intent of reaching a predetermined verdict with such poor evidences been used.

Take  the serious case  of note with cut clear evidences of the request of Fund by the Present
Minister for information from parastatals under him  in the first tenure which was a clear
case of corrupt practices but till date nothing has been heard of the
story as all the evidences remained stocked the  hands of Magu on directives of the Cabal.

Wht about the legendry  cases of corrupt practices against Fashola a Minster with Buhari by the Lagos
state Government led by Ambode  then which also until date has remained in
the cooler of Magu under the paddy paddy game plot by the Cabal.

The multi dimensional looting in Edo state by Adams Oshiomole with over ten petitions is left to rot in the Magu table as Oshiomole rose to become the face of APC and till today Oshiomole courtesy of the Cabal remains a saint.

The So called Leader of the APC and his Catalogue of loots in Lagos is dead, his bullion Van episode which initially EFFC claimed not to have seen and wanted petitions from Nigerians first (forgetting that nobody petitioned them before going after Yahoo boys, Odilli and his University Vice Chancellor etc) still remain one great puzzle even when a Nigerian took on the gauntlet and wrote the huge Petition that Magu has kept in the achieves.

The Bola Tinubu Hypertek tax evasion billion Naire Lucre that the ex DG wrote a petition for is still dead on arrival even as the petitioner is now living abroad as threats to his life does not let him stay in Nigeria yet the petition remained dead.

Buhari’s man Friday and Business man arrested with Malta forged diplomatic passport with millions of Dollars, case dead and the thief next day strolled to his boss President Mohammadu Buhari in the Villa.

What about Abba Kyari himself and the MTN bribe Saga which was not investigated until his death in the hands of Convid 19,the case of the Registrar of the NJC who looted Supreme Court dry, sacked and placed on trial only for case to be dropped by Magu on express directive of the Cabal and the same thief become NJC registrar and Secretary Presidential supervisor of corruption in the Judiciary, isn’t that hilarious.

What about senator Goje’s multi billion naira loot? Ex Dg NEMSA billions of loot, Ex DG NHIS fund loots, Ikoyi Mansion loot?, Multi Billion Naira loot and Gold from ex Petroleum Minister’s home raided by Ex DSS boss Duara and Late Kyari that remained unaccounted for till date, Ex-NIA DG who was allowed to \flee so as not to spill the beans on the Ikoyi heist and those involved and owners of the abode.

The list of cases killed by Ibrahim Magu and the Cabal is a compendium of deceit in the corruption war as the names runs into hundreds with many parting with billion and millions in Nara to the Cabal   to avoid investigations in a wave of financial settlement and others having cases stopped abruptly and given higher positions to loot after paying settlement fee to the Cabal.

In some cases of corrupt practices once the man or persons involved
moved from PDP to APC all traces of clear cut corruption ceases stops immediately like the case of the Minister for Niger Delta Gods-will Akpabio  and several others.

Presently from investigations there are over forty corruption
related cases against diverse APC members and decamped PDP members to
the APC that has remain dead and buried in the table of Magu courtesy of loot changing hands
in settlement thereby prompting many to ask if the EFCC is truly fighting
corruption or fighting opposition and perceive opponents of the APC
led government  or is it that the EFCC like many knows is totally
been teleguided  and controlled by the Cabal on which  cases to pursue and which not to depending on the person or persons involved and in most cases settlements made to the Cabal.

Attempts by Daily watch to speak to Magu on all these different
petitions and cases that has been killed by the  him and his commission  and left to
rot in his table in Abuja here was rebuffed by the spokesperson of the EFCC as several text
messages to him and calls on the issue was not replied or answered.





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