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Exposed: How greed for billions pushes several  governors into signing for RUGA in the name of food/livestock

File photo: armed herdsmen

*Deceit is all about the food/livestock intervention Policy of Fed Govt; as it is a Fulani agenda for Colony.

By Cletus Opukeme & Lucky Ojigbo, Editor

That several governors that has signed up for RUGA like Taraba, Benue, Ekiti  etc and even the Vice President are recounting over the RUGA deal is not a coincidence or  as result of fear but for the fact that what they were told including the Vice President and what is playing out are quiet different when placed side by side as the word Ruga/Colony and its application was not what the Buhari government ,Vice President and some select governors agreed upon as they were all played.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Presidency tricked many Governors including Vice President Osibanjo that a food Security and livestock nationwide project is going to be establish in the 36 states under the watch of the office of the Vice President go with each participating state would get a Billion Naira  but where actually never told that the s called food Security was in real fact the so Called Cattle Colony plot by the President and his Miyiti Allah brothers that met several months back in which the Federal Government agreed and floated 100 Billion for and which Nigerians wrongly then believed was settlement to the Herders while it was meant to build the much spoken about RUGA settlement which would see the Fulanis becoming not just Land owners in every state of Nigeria but become real indigenes with their own Traditional ruler from whence it would develop to an Emirate from where the states would eventually be taking over with Imo been the Capital state for the South East  because of the Islamic Foundation and schools already in Imo while Edo would take that of the South South Capital with the small percentage of Muslim population already on ground hence the speedy migration of thousands of Fulani herdsmen already to Edo state in lieu’

Daily watch Sources that is privy to the document on Ruga settlement or Livestock food whatever which means one and the same thing confirms that it is simply meant to carve an emirate as large as a Local Government in every state of the Federation from whence the Fulanis would fight their way in the future to take over and spread the Islamic religion and thereafter come up with an Emir like happened in Kwara state where the idea of a Gambari leading the state Traditional Council while the people of Kwara who are actually Yoruba’s have no recognized traditional Ruler of eminence in the state thereby giving the Fulanis total Control of the Yoruba’s in Kwara.

It is this same game plot and scenario for which several states has signed up for despite the lies of their governors that each supporting states are to get one Billion naira unbudgeted as the whole RUGA expenditure put at 100 Billion Naira is not in Nigeria Budget but withdrawal are already been carried out.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that the final phase of Fulani take over and dominance using the instrumentality of Power of Federal in Nigeria is the simple agenda of the Buhari’s administration and the Cabal in their 2nd tenure judging from the zeal the Administration is promoting the whole RUGA agenda and Fulanization plot and leaving everything about governance, Security etc in the Country to go haywire.

Daily Watch Sources in the villa confirmed that despite overwhelming evidences that Ranching is the best option to curb the clash between herders and famers the Presidency would prefer the RUGA, Colony, Grazing Route option because it would help reach their plotted goal of taking over the whole Country and bring in Fulanis from all over West Africa to inhabit Nigeria making it the first Fulani Controlled Country in the World.

While several Yoruba’s leaders like Bola Tinubu ,Fayemi etc are kept busy dreaming , looking and fighting for 2023 there by leaving real plot to concretized they would wake up too late to see that there is no 2023 for then rather their own states and South West would have been totally taken over by Fulanis and a battle reminiscences like that of the North Central states of Taraba, Benue etc would have become their gain as the small killings, kidnapping etc has already commenced in Ekiti ( just as it started in Benue )where the Fulanis in their Thousands are already in their forest.

Daily Watch attempts to get through to the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo on how Livestock and food project which he chairs has now transformed before his own eyes into a Ruga land settlement for Fulanis as stated by the Miyetti Allah members who are smiling presently over their victory and confirmed by several Governors was not possible as Laolu Akande the Vice President Spokes person directed Daily Watch to his Press release days ago for answers.





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