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Exposed: How Buruji Kashamu was used by Presidency/APC to win Ogun state in a grand trade off

Buruji Kashamu

*Will the Presidency  be trusted to keep to its side of the bargain over drug extradition demand?

By Lucky Ojigbo, General Editor, Abuja

That the 2019 presidential and governorship elections have come and gone is no more news but snippets of several arrangements, deals and agreements struck prior to the elections are beginning to come put to the open with far reaching implication mostly for an administration that professed to be fighting corruption.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that certain agreements were entered into by the APC and the Presidency unknown to Nigerians that to a large extent helped the APC win the Ogun state Governorship race easily  with the opposition Party unable to present their original candidate who would have to all purpose and sincerity would have beaten the APC totally but fro the game and agreement reached with Buruji Kashamu.

Daily watch findings confirmed that when the Presidency and the APC in the  late part of 2018 discovered a possible crisis that would push the APC towards losing the Governorship slot if the differences between Amosun and the mainstream APC tarry Kashamu who had been a soft age t of the APC in the PDP as a result of his extradition case was drafted to do the dirty job by forcing the PDP from getting any solid candidate in the 2019 elections and this Buruji Kashamu carried out effectively to the later thereby denying the PDP from Presenting any Candidate for the Ogun state Governorship elections which became a fight and contest between the mainstream APC and the Amosun Adopted or extended APC .

The Agreement reached between Kashamu and the Presidency through agents of the APC was for Kashamu to play the spoiler role against the PDP and stopped them fielding their real Candidate using his hold of the Party in Ogun state so as to help either of the two factions of the APC have a field day in the Election and in return have his Extradition thwarted by the Buhari led administration no matter the pressure from the Foreign country and the result of the deal was what actually played out in Ogun state where Kashamu against all odds fought to see that he killed the chances of the PDP flying their genuine candidate by using his financial advantages and powers of the Presidency to thwart every legal and political efforts for the PDP candidate to stand thereby creating an easy lee way for the trouble APC to carry the day in the Ogun State governorship tussle.

The question begging for answer  from Nigerians presently is having fulfilled his part of the so called deals and agreement would the Buhari led government be trusted to keep their part when the heat for extradition become manifest in the months ahead? Would the Buhari administration be bold enough to challenge and stop the extradition of Kashamu Buraji to face his drug crime abroad as both parties agreed prior to the 2019 elections?.

It was in want of answers to this questions that Daily Watch tried reaching out to Kashamu Buruji the self styled PDP governorship candidate for Ogun state over confirmation or denial over the reported agreements  and trade-offs said to have been entered by him prior to the Ogun State Governorship elections with the government in power but was not successful as Daily Watch could not get across to the controversial Kashamu who is said to have gone down lying low after the governorship poll





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