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Exposed: How Boko Haram gains inside information that aided their ambush, killings of Nigerian troops

File photo: Boko Haram militants

*Thousands of so called de-radicalized fighters conscripted into Nigeria Military are secretly working for Sects.

By Ahmed Ahmadu & Isa Yusuf, Maiduguri

This doesn’t seem to be the best of time for the once proud Nigerian Military following the consistent humiliations, defeat, killing, ambush, fleeing of soldiers from battle field and upper hand the Boko Haram sect has been having over the Military for the past one year now despite the persistent claim that the sect has been degraded and decimated by the Military.


Daily watch investigations and Sources in the Military confirmed that the overwhelming ambush and upper hand of the sect against the military is not because of the superlative strength of the sect but as a result of the inside information the sect have been getting as to the movement, supplies, strength and plans of the Military from  suspected sources within the Nigerian Military thereby placing the Sect in vantage positions as against the Military.

Daily Watch Sources within the top Military echelon in the North East confirmed that the greatest tragedy that befell the Nigerian Military in the battle against the insurgents was the foolish  policy initiated by the Buhari’s administration that allowed for the conscription of several Boko Haram members who surrendered and others described as De-Radicalized into the Nigerian Military.

According to the top Military officers, the Policy of enlisting so called DE-radicalized sect members into the Military has totally created a massive and monumental problem for the Nigerian Military in the fight against the sect as majority of those conscripted into the Military are still leaking and sending information on troops movement, logistics, Military operations and plots to their members and which their members are now using fully against the Nigerian Military and the result is the overwhelming cases of ambush, attack on Military bases and formation in the North East and the killings of several young Military officers based on the privileged information and dossiers supplied by insiders who were once members of the same sect the Military is fighting in the North East,

Daily watch Sources who are top officers  also involved in the battle of the North East confided in Daily Watch that as at today ,over three thousand so called DE-radicalized Boko Haram members ae presently inside the Nigerian Military and in diverse position from which they gather and furnished their members very privilege and sensitive information that has become useful in the North East battle and  assisted the Boko Haram in overwhelmingly dealing most time decisively in several battles since the sect members always have a detailed and sensitive information on the weapons, size of force, men etc  that assist them in preparing and launching their attacks and most time in staging their ambushes and diverse attacks on different Military command post, bases and  others.

Today according to findings, over Eight Local Government areas in Borno state despite continual denial of the Federal Government and the Military are in the hands of the Boko Haram sects who rules over and control inhabitants of the localities with most f the Military officers either fleeing or withdrawn in what the Military termed as a strategic move to build a bumper formation or base but which to all intent and purpose has given the sets ample opportunity to take over as much as eight Local Government areas in Borno state has also recently confirmed by a member of the House of Representative representing Chibok in the House of Representative here in Abuja during a recent debate of the Military and need to equip them.

Daily watch Sources in the Military confirmed that the battle in the North East would continue to be a stupendous failure as long as those Sect members conscripted into the Nigerian Military in the name of De-radicalized Boko Haram members are fished out and placed under surveillance and the Policy stopped until after the end of the battle.

Daily watch attempts to speak with the ever evasive Military Spokesperson Sagir Musa on the points raised by the concerned top officers fighting the sects in the North East was not possible as his phone rang repeatedly without picking as usual.


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