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Exposed: How 2015 Buhari’s APC/Saudi Arabia agreement fuels Shiites crisis in Nigeria

FILE PHOTO: Buhari in Saudi Arabia performing religious rites

By Isa Yusuf, Abuja

To many  a Nigerians who don’t know, the Shiite clash is just all about a stubborn religious group battling the Nigeria government and turning into a nuisance value in and around the Nation’s Capital, Abuja and Kaduna state.

But shockingly, the facts about the crisis and now national protest is not something that started today but dated far away back into  around 2014/2015  prior to the 2015 general elections precisely when the then APC which was the outcome of an amalgamation of several Political parties was intensely battling to take over the seat of Power from the Good Luck Jonathan led PDP  administration and needed serious finances to push the APC Political dream into the reality that it has become today.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the then APC  select group led by the governor of Kaduna State Mallam El-Rufai and four others were said to have approached the Saudi Republic for financial assistant to wrestle the greatly buoyant PDP which was in power then and had cash in abundance to prosecute the Elections of 2015  to the ground.

This meet and beg for financial assistance which was eventually rendered by the Saudi Kingdom was not without a very strict conditionality  which simply the annihilation of the Shiites group by the APC led government if it eventually gains power since  the Saudi Arabia Sunni led leaders were not comfortable with the massive and rapid spread of the Shiites religious system of worship which was a fast growing group that was set to  take over the  country at the rate the Shiite group (Iranian) was growing then as a result of its vibrant and radical  approach to Islam which was far different from the Sunni (Saudi Arabia) brand of Islam which was practiced  by several Muslims in Nigeria including almost all Muslims  in the helm of affairs in Present administration of Mohammadu Buhari.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the clash between the Nigerian Soldiers and the Shiites group in Kaduna that eventually culminated in the arrest and  controversial detention of the Shiite leader El-Zazaky and his wife and the killing of hundreds of their members by the Nigerian Military was a perfectly plotted job as the Shiite  from thorough investigations of the incident and analysis of the Video  of the clash never  fired or used life ammunition on or against the Nigerian  Military  as exposed by not just the Videos of the clash alone but by painstaking investigations of the incident even from the Military own report itself.

In all the videos on the crisis between the Shiites and the Military, it was glaring from the positioning of the Military officers that there were not under fire as evidence by the Military officers standing  all through the clash       which is not supposed to be if really they were under attack with weapons as they would have not remain standing but under cover as in every Military engagements worldwide.

But in all videos those t the battle field shooting at the Shiites were all standing with bullets flying only directly from the Soldiers as against claims that the Shiites were shooting at the Military officers there putting to a blatant lie that the Military was under attack during the clash.

This lie clearly supports the theory among the Shiites and several Nigerians that the Military convoy en-route the Shiites procession was a well plotted and coordinated move with a pre determine agenda which is what is today playing out.

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that the controversial  detention in spite of several court orders  was simply the fulfillment of the APC led select group agreements with the government of the Saudi Arabia to  not only help check and reduce the influence spread of the Iranian   Shiites Islamic groups but its eradication from Nigeria.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the recent court order secretly filled by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation is simply a furtherance of the comprehensive and final  plot to finally nail the group as a terrorist group after creating a massive avenue  for protest, procession and infiltration of same to make them seem violent before Nigerians when a simple obedience of the orders  by the Federal Government would have checked the whole protest  and  end the whole Shiites menace  that it has become.

Daily Watch investigations seem to confirm the belief of a pre determined plot to destroy the Shiites taking into consideration the  clash, arrest, detention, refusal to abide by court’s rulings and now hurried prescription by the same  same administration that has shied away and seen nothing bad with the mass killings and murder by the  Fulani Herdsmen  all over the Country which he , the President  had severally described as actions of a mere ‘Criminal gangs’ and ‘Bandits’ despite the massive insecurity all over the country courtesy of the same so called Fulani  herdsmen  but  so extra -ordinarily quick to criminalize the Shiites   which sings peaceful protest as its slogan and mantra  thereby pointing  to the  belief that the Shiites were actually targeted for annihilation as a religious group  even long before the Kaduna crisis with the Military as agreed with the Saudi government long ago.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Shiites which is an Iranian backed group is practiced in almost all Muslim countries in the world but with a larger fellowship running into four million and still counting in Nigeria and are in some areas of practices and actions different from the Sunnis whose allegiance is to Saudi Arabia thereby also creating the long held views that the Shiites are simply merely persecuted by the Sunnis led leaders in power presently for no other reason than jealousy by Saudi’s.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed  from the  Shiite’s group spokes person Ibrahim Musa that the Prohibition of the group by the Federal Government  would not stand as they are   set to contest the proscription and designation as a terrorist group in the Court of Law  in the coming days, just as there is  a general apprehension and fear all over the country that the group might be forced to go not only go underground but move into a more violent and armed struggle if they are pushed to the wall  just as the Federal Government of Nigeria seemed to be doing presently, just the same way and manner the Boko Haram Sect were pushed into armed struggle that has claimed several of thousands of lives and billions of Naira Worth of Properties in the Country and still counting.

Daily Watch spoke to the spokes person of the Shiites Ibrahim Musa on the Federal government unwillingness to let their leader out of detention in spite of different court rulings and the several killings that has occurred since the commencement of their protest and he vehemently dissociate the Shiites from the killings as the Shiites are not armed and can never be armed.

According to Musa ”The Shiites are a religious group and not violent so to associate us Shiites with killings of any kind is a lie that is been created by the same Federal Government that has infiltrated our peaceful and harmless protest, kill  hundreds of our members  plus other Nigerians and then turning to blame the Shiites so as to create a picture of a violent Shiites so as to continually and continuously keep our leader Ibrahim El-Zazaky in detention   in spite of several court orders for his release’’.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to the Office of the Nations Attorney general in Abuja on why a group like the Shiites can so quickly be proscribed over the death of less than three Nigerians and thousands of his members when herdsmen under Miyiti Allah that has turned Nigeria into a killing field and at times claiming responsibilities for such killings which they described as reprisal are left and even been recognized and openly  courted and appeased by the government but got no response.


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