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Exposed: Grand conspiracy as security memo on attack by herdsmen dumped before attack



       *Ortom memos torn by NSA, Police and N/A two leaders


ABUJA- The Story of the butcher of herdsmen is getting more interesting every day as a recent revelations from the Benue state Governor has confirmed a conspirator silence on the part of the  so called Northern leaders in the Country days before the attack.

Daily Watch investigations has confirmed that prior to the attack the Governor was said to have drafted over ten memos on the secret plots to attack Benue state just as same has been in circulation about plots to hit at Ekiti but all the Memos to that effect were torn and dumped by the respective Northern leaders that hold sway in the whole Security levels in the Country.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Benue state Governor Ortom sent security memos on the planned attack to the National Security Advicer,the Director of the State Security Services, The Nigerian Police, President of the Country and the Vice President, the Senate President and his Counterpart in the House of Representative but all the said memos on the Genocide was torn and in some cases dumped by the respective recipient until the killings and Genocidal attack was launched and several citizens of Benue Butchered like cattle in the now famous Benue Massacre by Fulani Jihadist cum herdsmen.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the refusal of all the recipient of the Serious Security memo to act was as a result of their unhappiness over the state Grazing laws which was signed in to law by November 1st 2017 by the Governor of Benue state as against the overwhelming warnings and counsel of the Presidency and several top Northern leaders and traditional rulers to stop him from assenting the bill to law.

Daily Watch investigations in Benue and Abuja confirmed that the silence and reluctance of the Government and elders of the so called North to speak or condemn the killings is as a result of their resentment with the anti-grazing Law which is said to have angered the Fulani leaders in the Country majority of whom are in top positions in the Country and also with most of the traditional Emirs who are absolute Patrons of the Mayetti Allah the umbrella body of the killer herdsmen.

Daily Watch investigation confirmed that the grave yard silence, the use of Policemen as against Military, the fast claim of a communal clash by the Inspector General of Police even with clear cut acceptance of the Mayeti Allah leaders that they did the attack because of the Grazing law and the refusal to act by ten top most positions in the country to a security memo points to a simple fact that that attack was known to all the Security heads and president of the Country.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the Benue state Governor that the  refusal of the President, Vice President, National Security Adviser, IG of Police, N/A Assembly leaders  to act on the memos was not just a coincident but a plot to allow for the attack and  stop the anti-grazing Law  and create the impression of it been the problem rather than the Solution was confirmed by the Benue GOVERNOR  to Daily Watch  as he also confirmed the authenticity of his several memos to all the mentioned even months before the attack and the Governor even repeated same before the National Assembly members who paid him a visit in Markuidi.

In the Exact words of Governor Ortom ‘’I sent several Memos when we got information about the planned attack by this so called headsmen I personally sent a memo to the Vice President and repeated same when the President returned from his health trip and when I got no response I repeated same to the NSA,DSS bosses, the Inspector General of Police the Senate President and Speaker of the House yet nothing was done till the attack came. We know our attackers and have all the evidences yet they keep silent so Buhari silence fueled the Benue Killings”.

Attempts to reach out to the President media team on this wicked and shocking expose was not feasible before going to press.


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