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Exposed: Four top APC leaders with questionable, if not phony WAEC results


*Yet they all remained glued to their position instead of following the footstep of Ex- Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun.

While Kemi Adeosun Nigerian Minister for finance has given up her exalted position for merely possessing a mere forged NYSC discharged Certificate, several other APC leaders in Position of Authority are still in power holding firm to their positions with even worse case scenario than the former Finance Minister who resigned her position and flee to the UK.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that top of the List is President Mohammadu Buhari who today is the leader of the APC and President of the Federal republic of Nigeria.


The President who seats ruling over Nigeria is said to have stopped schooling at Class three before enlist into Nigerian Army from where he shockingly and funnily rose to become a general without as much as a WAEC Certificate and yet beat the strenuous screening of the Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission (INEC).

Another is  speculated to be the powerful APC Chairman who until today has kept many Nigerians wondering which and what secondary School he sat for his Final year WAEC Examination with which he got into the prestigious position of Governor of EDO state after his stint as a Labour leader a Position that does not necessitate a school certificate to man, while his Associates keep shouting to high heavens that the able Chairman has a school certificate till date no one has come out to state the school he attended and when he wrote the said WAEC till date ,though Nigerians are still waiting for his display of such Certificate.

Another is the Present Governor of Katsina State Aminu Masari who before now rose to the Position of Speaker of the House of Representative before manning the Post of the Executive Governor of Katsina state.

Those in the know confirmed that the Governor only did up to class four and never at any time sat for the WEC Examination and as such have no WAEC Certificate but like President Buhari got INEC Clearance Funnily to move to the House of Representative and became the Speaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and now executive Governor of Katsina state.

Funnily some of his aides keep denying the fact that Governor Aminu Masari is a Class four Drop out but cannot till date dust out the WAEC Certificate of the Executive governor or named the school he wrote his WAEC and year till date and Nigerians are still awaiting the Governor like Nigeria President to do so.

Another is the President aide to the President on Prosecution Obonle Obla whole is from Cross River State who has remained tucked in his position and keep churning many words about corruption and castigating several Nigerians for corruption yet behind his profound and astute way he  pontificate he  is a man with a ‘stolen Certificate’ as he  only gained admission to pursue Law at the Prestigious University of Jos with someone else Certificate and went as far as doctoring the English Grade to read Credit 6 ro deceive the University of Jos to gain admission.

Today the great orator on corruption doesn’t seemed to know that using another person’s Certificate and even changing what is stated there in is a bigger corruption that is supposed to push him into resignation and Judicial trial but in a Country where the President is not having a WAEC his aides too cannot be sacked for the same offence or can he?



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