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Exposed; Why ex-SFG Babachir may not face EFCC Trial



  • It may open can of Worms

ABUJA-While many Nigerians are waiting with dignified hope that the former
Secretary to the federal Government
Babachir David Lawal popularly called the Grass Cutter would soon be put on trial following indictment for unrivalled corrupt practices  by the Senate and the Presidential Panel headed by Vice President Osibanjo  Daily Watch can tell you authoritatively that the day would never come and even, if at all because of pressure it does happen he would be  arraigned  in a shoddy manner and way that the case would die a natural death even
before it commences or  the ex -Secretary to the Government would be
acquitted for lack of  evidence as genuine evidences would be skipped
and  not used for the trial for him to evade justice.


Investigations by Daily Watch team in Abuja  the seat of power and the
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has confirm that there is a
deliberate and systematic  ploy to allow the case remain exactly the
way it is despite overwhelming evidence that the Ex SFG was not only
involved in monumental looting and drying of the accounts of the
Federal Government through money meant for the IDPs via Grass cutting
rackets but sundry other wanton financial misdemeanour  with many in
top positions in the Presidency  who also soiled  the hitherto clean

The Ex -SFG who is said not to have acted alone is said  to have given
several Millions of dollars and naira worth of  unexecuted contracts
like the Grass contract to the son of top officials in the Presidency
and also a very important cousin of a big Masquerade in the Presidency
making it very impossible for the same Government and people to deal
with him as any attempt to put him on trial would spill doom for top
Presidential officials whose kids and uncles are said to be neck deep in
their several phony contracts for IDPs in the North East that has
become a drain pipe for the APC led Government like the Arms gate
scandal under the PDP Government.

According to Daily Watch investigations the Presidential committee
for the North East has become a drain pipe from which Nigeria has got
several Billions looted through by those in the Presidency and this is
still going on even at a more fearful level compared to the days of
the Ex- SSG as almost all friends, members, APC top men are overnight
contractors in the IDP’s bazaar fund and any attempt by those in power
to try humiliate or put the Ex- SSG  in the dock would spill doom for
them hence the Senate Report plus the Presidential panel headed by
Vice President Osibanjo  report which greatly indict the Ex- SSG and
recommended immediate trial would never be given acceptance to by the
Presidency as it would expose many root in the North East  IDP’s
racket which is a source for  free money for top presidential
officials and their children who handles diverse funny, phony and
shocking contracts running into billions of Naira like Babachir grass

It would be recalled that when the former SSG was first suspended
from office he faced the Press frontally when told he had been
dropped by the Presidency by asking “which Presidency”, what was not
known then was his shock knowing that every deal as at then he got
involved in cuts across wife, kids and children of the most high in
the presidency and he was wondering then how he could be singled out
for blame or questioning.

Daily Watch visit to the EFCC to confirm if any investigations is being
done on the Babachir grass contract but was shocked to discover that
the issue is as dead just like every other reports/petitions  etc on
the Ex SSG issue and corruption related issues involving top APC
stalwarts like Timipreye Sylvia Ex Bayelsa , Rotimi Amaechi Ex Rivers
Governor and Minister for Transport, Fayemi Ex Ekiti  State Governor
and Minister for Solid Minerals, Governor Yari of Zamfara state,
Buratie Chief of Army staff ,Lai Mohammed Minister for information and
Rochas Okorocha executive Governot  of Imo state amongst  several

Attempts to speak to the spokesperson of the EFCC on why a sensitive
corruption case of such importance, magnitude and scale in a
government that professed to be seriously fighting Corruption and
Several other cases involving APC top men been left dead by the anti-graft body and not given the Media  trial ,Press  ’crucifixion’,  frenzy
and raids that is common with the EFCC got no response despite several
text messages sent and calls to his number.


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